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  1. Site URL: http://davidzamorano.tv/ Hello Forum Is it possible to have a main (playable) video project as a banner? Or from side to side of the screen, allowing the viewer to control it with the basic play and pause on click? Here is an example of a project page on my site: https://davidzamorano.tv/reel2020 (please find attached). Just as a side note, I was able to add a video banner on my main page but it is not possible to control it (play and pause). Thanks! David Z.
  2. Hi Tuanphan! Thanks for these and for all you help. Yes, I'd be happy if you could help me amend all those points. Also, I was thinking of adding the animated "Slide Up" feature to all project images (and gifs if possible) on my main page, so they reveal as you scroll down. I was kind of able to use that option on my /fun page, but I was not it able to add the "Slide up" animation to gifs... Do you know how can I solve this? Thanks again, David
  3. Thanks for this. The colour is changing but what I'm really looking for is being able to control the opacity of the header colour (Sorry if I was not clear on the last post). The whole idea is to maintain the background header colour throughout, but make it transparent when scrolling down or being able to control/decrease its opacity. Thanks again! David
  4. Thanks for the info. I added the code on the indicated place, I'm not sure if I'm doing something wrong but nothing is happening. What I'm trying to do is open each link from the galley/carrousel on a new page. Please see image attached. Thanks!
  5. Hi, Done. I also added/repeated another image to make the carrousel work. Thanks!
  6. Yes. Change header background (or just control its opacity) on scroll. I have an annually business plan. Thanks!
  7. Thanks so much Tuanphan! That's great. Just one doubt; is there any way I can control the percentage of white in the background of the navigation bar as it scrolls down? Just to avoid the hard white on white patch throughout. Thanks again for all your help. David
  8. Hi Tuanphan, thanks for asking. Kind of. The help center recommended the summary gallery which made sense. But I'm now struggling because I need the links to open on new windows. As I couldn't find the option to do that, I went for a grid wall which opens links on a new window but the whole function and design is not what I'm looking for. (please check davidzamorano.tv/about + the highlights photos at the bottom. Is there's any way of using the summary gallery + the carrousel option (see attached) and be able to open the links on a new window? That would be absolutely great! Btw I'm using Foster Template. Thanks again, David
  9. Hi! Is there any way to fix the header and navigation bar always on top of the screen as I scroll down my main page? It is currently on top of my site and disappears as soon as I scroll down. I'm using Foster template and my site is: davidzamorano.tv Any suggestion would be appreciated. Thanks, David
  10. Site URL: http://davidzamorano.tv/ Hi! I was just wondering if it's possible to customise and add a limited number of projects to my main site page (let's say 8 ) and be able to also have a "view more projects" button that displays the rest of the projects. I'm using Foster template. I have too many projects on my main site/portfolio and I just wanted to organize the user experience a bit. Hope this makes sense. Thanks for your time and help, David
  11. Thank you very much! 😃 Have a nice rest of the day, David
  12. Thanks so much @tuanphan! Really appreciate that info. Just wondering how can I add a colour to the footer background as well, without changing the colour of all the footers of my site. (please find attached) Thanks again and I already owe you one! David
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