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  1. After applying the code by Tomweb I'm looking at adding a fade in animation at the beginning and applying it to the home page only. Also there is a flash background images coming up straight after loading for some reason. How to get rid of that? www.creativeportrait.net.au
  2. Works perfectly. Thanks Tuan!
  3. Hi Tuan, Is there a way to raise the text block and the 2 CTA even more on this home page. (see photos) I use : padding-top: 0px !important; but it doesn't go further up... https://www.creativeportrait.net.au/ PS: Even better if I could bring the "FREE FAMILY GUIDE" button beside the other.
  4. I wrote this code to reduce image size on desktop and mobile and also add a 50% radius but I'm wondering if anyone would know how to simplify it? Thank you 🙂 /* Round steps */ section[data-section-id="6061b72dea4a502092254ecd"] .sqs-block-image img{ border-radius: 50%; } section[data-section-id="6061b72dea4a502092254ecd"] .image-block-wrapper { max-width: 60%; margin: 0 auto; } section[data-section-id="6061b2a5ea4a50209225138d"] .sqs-block-image img{ border-radius: 50%; } section[data-section-id="6061b2a5ea4a50209225138d"] .image-block-wrapper { max-width: 60%; margin: 0 auto; } section[data-section-id="612ef07b81c66936ee07da7c"] .sqs-block-image img{ border-radius: 50%; } section[data-section-id="612ef07b81c66936ee07da7c"] .image-block-wrapper { max-width: 60%; margin: 0 auto; }
  5. Once more Creedon, you solved my problem so quickly. Thank you so much!
  6. This floating button code is awesome!!!! I have a little glitch on the home page on mobile though. See photo attached I can't click any link at the button level for some reason. Gallery and pricing Anyone would know if this is fixable? www.creativeportrait.net.au
  7. This will actually do the job. Thanks Tuan 🙂
  8. I found this amazing Squarespace website today. I was wondering how to create a custom form embedded to an image block (see images below) to collect first name and email. It seem to be a normal form and not a newsletter with optin. See photo and website attached. https://www.rebeccagracedesigns.com/freebies
  9. Hey guys, I'm just posting in this threat as it is related to a form. I was wondering if it would be possible to implement a similar form on Squarespace? So including a background and a title. https://www.xandermarketing.com/free-consultation/
  10. Hey Tuan, last code to add a shadow to a card block works perfectly, thank you very much. As the text on the promotional pop up was too long, I needed to scroll to see the button. See photo attached. I was wondering if there is a code to extend the pop up window to see all the text and button but I just shorten the text and it is fine now.
  11. Hey Tuan, Thank you for spending the time to go over the pages and pointing out some issues that I didn't even noticed. It would amazing if you could let me know how to add the image to the pop up. Squarespace get rid of it automatically on mobile. Also I add the code that you send but I have an error: error evaluating function `rgb`: color functions take numbers as parameters
  12. Yes that's right. It would be amazing to have a code that apply it to every card block across the website. Otherwise just the 2 buttons mentioned is fine. Thank you very much Tuan
  13. Hey Tuan, Here is the home page https://www.creativeportrait.net.au/ And there is 2 cards block button at the bottom of the page. I am looking to add a card block button shadow across entire the website. Cheers 🙂
  14. Hey guys, I have this code to add a drop shadow under most of the button but it doesn't apply to the card blocks. .sqs-block-button-element { -webkit-box-shadow: 0px 9px 14px -5px rgba(0,0,0,0.87); box-shadow: 0px 9px 14px -5px rgba(0,0,0,0.50); } Does anyone have any ideas on how to apply it to the card block please?
  15. Awesome!! Thanks Tuan 🙂 You and Creedon are amazing on this forum, you are solving every problems.
  16. Hi Guys, I'm trying to animated only one image in a block card with the code below but every clock card on the site start moving haha Would you please know how to restrict it to only one particular block? // up & down animation #block-5d8361f5317a9a9bc5f4, .image-inset { animation-name: floating; animation-duration: 3s; animation-iteration-count: infinite; animation-timing-function: ease-in-out; } @keyframes floating { from { transform: translate(0, 0px); } 65% { transform: translate(0, 15px); } to { transform: translate(0, 0px); } }
  17. Absolutely. This is https://www.creativeportrait.net.au/welcome-offer-maternity-photo-session
  18. Hey Creedon, you are a bloody legend!!! Your code works like a treat. I have added the product that I want to redirect to checkout in his own store page as the code will be apply to every product in the store page where the code is added, which is very convenient. I can now simply add the products that I want to redirect to checkout straight away in this store. I purchase a pretty cool plug-in for Squarespace which is a lightbox plugin. However, this not allow the code to works properly. Creedon would you have an idea if there is a walk around to make it work? Otherwise that fine I can just send straight to the page instead of the lightbox.
  19. Site URL: https://www.creativeportrait.net.au/ Hi guys, I was wondering what is the difference between tracking facebook events directly through Squarespace and with Google tag manager?
  20. http://creativeportrait.net.au/upsell-package Thanks for your help Creedon Also I was wondering if I can redirect users clicking on add to cart to go straight to the cart without enabling express checkout?
  21. Hey Katie, did you find a code to disable the click on image product?
  22. Hey Marc, I was wondering what solution did you choose instead? I'm trying to set a single product custom re-direct also.
  23. I have now worked out after trying out but now I can't get an even space between the wave divider and the section itself. So some text or button get cover by the svg on some sections. // Wave section section[data-section-id="60c0698a8d9e38432eaf5c02"], section[data-section-id="60c0698a8d9e38432eaf5c08"], { .section-background { overflow: visible; &:before { content: ''; width: 100%; height: 10%; top: 0; left: 0; background: inherit; -webkit-mask: url(https://static1.squarespace.com/static/5fa4daea45d5e37ac8050c94/t/60c4c63b0db925732ea339bb/1623508539300/wavesNegative.svg) bottom no-repeat; mask: url(https://static1.squarespace.com/static/5fa4daea45d5e37ac8050c94/t/60c4c63b0db925732ea339bb/1623508539300/wavesNegative.svg) bottom repeat; margin-top: 1px; transform: translateY(-100%); position: absolute; pointer-events: none; @media screen and (max-width: 400px) { -webkit-mask-size: 120% 20%; mask-size: 120% 20%; }}} }
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