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  1. @tuanphan @bangank36 I can do custom code and would love to get 8-10 images in a row (on a standard desktop) but gallery blocks seem to max out at 6. have you had any success with custom code to change this?
  2. @tuanphan any suggestions to make social sharing links at the footer of every blog post? I know there are some orgs, but I've been trying to do it with code
  3. This thread is incredible! @creedon might you be open to helping me as well? A few things I've been digging into and attempting to solve! On https://www.therisejourney.com/lunch-learn-programs?tag=Mona+Eshaiker (or any other tag page) looking to have the description of the item and author show--not just the title! Would love to increase font sizes title, tag, and description 2 or 3 steps respectively. https://www.therisejourney.com/lunch-learn-jes-to-delete Add tags below the categories (aka the authors) https://www.therisejourney.com/lunch-learn-programs
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