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  1. This topic/help support ticket was posted in June 2020 and is now closed to comments. On my client's site, I observed the site logo and/or site title disappear from the header at least 4 times over the last month. I've re-added it each time but this is now the fifth time I've had to do so. Why is this happening, SquareSpace?
  2. I want to add a tagline below the logo using the Almar theme. Anyone have any success with this? Using nav left, logo center, CTA button right. I'm proficient w/ CSS and HTML. Thanks so much in advance.
  3. Primary, secondary, and tertiary navigation. Primary: your main header nav, and this should be the big guns of your business, product, or service and what your customers will be looking for and will immediately find easily. Maybe a CTA button as well of which the purpose is what action you want your site visitor to take (alternately, you can place your CTA in the top bar/secondary nav). I try to keep the number of links in this section to 7 or less, and occasionally omit the HOME link if the target audience is savvy enough to know the logo/company name links to the home page. I also include the logo or entity name, with easy-to-understand tagline in this section. Secondary: a top bar with email, phone, maybe address (or map icon) if brick/mortar; sm links; and "secondary" links that are not as critical as links in your primary nav. You can also place your CTA button in this section rather than the primary nav. Tertiary: in the footer. Basically all nav links for easy access (perhaps separated into columns by content), along w/ contact/location info, SM links, logo/company name, and tagline. Examples here and here of primary and secondary navigation. Example here of primary, secondary, and tertiary navigation.
  4. @Brent_Dickens, I totally agree. I follow the very wise Donald Miller, Business Made Simple, and he stresses that your About page should not be about you and your accomplishments, but what you do/offer your target audience and how you help them.
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