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  1. Site URL: https://erickanigan.photography/collections/gypsum-dreams Hi- I've tried to be conscious of what I'm naming my pages. The title of the linked page is "GYPSUM DREAMS - Eric Kanigan Photography" which shows up in the tab. However, the tab title also shows GYPSUM DREAMS - Eric Kanigan Photography - Eric Kanigan. This looks redundant and I'm trying to remove my name that appears the second time. I've cleared out the SEO. Is there any way to change this? Thanks, Eric
  2. Hey Dan- this was great and seems to be working. Is there a part of the CSS that can be modified so the scroll snap/auto-scroll only is applied for a portion of a page. The problem I'm running into is that my home page (https://erickanigan.photography/#1) is technically a portfolio page. This means that if I follow the links to one of the collections of photos (example: https://erickanigan.photography/home/landscape#1), the snap scroll is applied here too which I do not want.
  3. Site URL: https://erickanigan.photography/collections/gypsum-dreams Hi- I have created a form on a separate Contact page (https://erickanigan.photography/contact) that I have built out the drop-down fields for. I am hoping to be able to leverage this same form on separate pages to avoid having to build out the drop-down options again. Alternatively, I was thinking of creating a modified form, but I would like to know whether the title of the page (in this case, "Gypsum Dreams") could be auto populated in a free text field of the form. For example, I would want the title of the piece to autofill in a field so the user would not have to fill that portion out. Any help would be appreciated! Eric
  4. Hi aravsanj- Thanks for this- it looks to be working. Is there any way to add a margin from the top to space it a bit lower than the current border with the top section of the page? Eric
  5. Site URL: https://erickanigan.photography/portfolio-3#2 Hi- I'm looking to modify the width/overall size of the background images on one of the portfolio pages I have. When I hover over the text, the images take up the entirety of the screen. Ideally I would like the margins/size of these images to be brought in and made smaller overall. Is there any way to customize the size of these images. Additionally, I would like to add text above the three "projects" to denote "collections". Is there any way to add custom text that is different from the project titles? Thank you for the help! Eric
  6. Site URL: https://erickanigan.photography/portfolio-3 Hi all- I'm trying to figure out how to change the scrolling on a single desired home page so that one scroll would change your view to a new "chunk" or section of the same page. I have included my page URL, but this site has the type of motion I'm thinking of (https://davidyarrow.photography) where initially your view is one section, if you scroll down even a bit it provides an entirely new view in distinct sections. Any help would be appreciated! Eric
  7. Site URL: https://erickanigan.photography/portfolio-3 Hi there- I'm hoping to be able to modify the color of text when someone hovers over the linked word. On the link provided, I am hoping to keep the gray color for each of the three lines of text (Landscape, Wildlife, Travel & Leisure), but want the color to change to white when a cursor hovers over the individual item. I tried to use some code that I found elsewhere on the forums, but rather than just changing text color, it put a colored box behind the selection. Would appreciate any help someone could provide! Thanks, Eric
  8. Wow- that did the trick! Thank you so much for your help!
  9. Site URL: https://erickanigan.photography/portfolio I have noticed on a few of my site pages that when I scroll to the top, the entire header shows a black background behind the page titles. I am hoping to change this feature to transparent, as the black background for the header makes my black logo/text invisible when scrolling to the top of the page. I have linked one of the pages in which this occurs. If you scroll as far down as possible and then back up to the top, you will see the header with the black background appear temporarily. The sub pages from the link also are showing the same black background. Any help on converting this to a transparent background for the header would be appreciated!
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