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  1. So thinking on it more, it's definitely that SquareSpace is changing my pop-ups to match my default SquareSpace fonts (and even the link color as it changed it orange) as well as fitting it into a specific SqaureSpace box size. If I add code to my ConvertKit box, I should be able to fix the font and sizing issue, but I'm not sure how to fix the box width issue.
  2. Here are the mobile ones - font and sizing is still different, then it also shows the entire image (instead of cutting it off like the browser popups) so there's a lot of extra white space.
  3. That one looks "fine" now, but that's because Convertkit added a bunch of code to that form to make it that way. It's any other form that losing/changes formatting. The font is different and so is the spacing - in particular the header spacing. SquareSpace squishes everything and yet changes the font so it's all larger. Mobile is even worse cause it forces me to add padding around the images (because it takes so much of it off) so there's a good bit of white space around the photos on mobile. For the Rock Your Bod one, I removed a bunch of text and added padding around the image, otherwise it would look like the one I sent you earlier.
  4. All these were taken from Chrome browser on my Samsung. Shows the same on my Samsung browser.
  5. Hi! Did you ever figure this one out? If not, you have the formatting/positioning incorrect. It needs to be /newurlslug -> fulloriginalurl: /dogpark -> https://www.ianspeterson.com/videos/dogpark 301 This should make it https://www.ianspeterson.com/dogpark (You can also use 302 if you want to make it less permanent.)
  6. Hmm weird... I did look from my phone initially, then grabbed the matching images from the mobile preview.
  7. Hi Tuanphan! Any luck on this issue? I was going to set up my "off for maintenance" page due to other issues, but wanted to make sure you weren't working on it and needed it to stay open.
  8. Thanks Tuanphan! Unfortunately most of it didn't change. The first testimonial image comes up first, but then the second one moved to the bottom. And then I also don't see a difference in the toggle or in the alignment in the tablet view. I'm not too worried about these though. The third image I added is a little more concerning to me as it shows the incorrect image with the text. I also noticed that the symbols in the other image aren't properly lining up.. Is there a way to fix this?
  9. Haha you're finding all my issues! I certainly wouldn't mind fixing those!
  10. Well I couldn't earlier because it was under site maintenance, but ConvertKit needed to use it so it's open now. I just hope no one tries to go there because not everything is connected properly yet... it's https://realfoodginger.com. The exit pop-up is still "off" on the formatting as it still doesn't match the image I attached earlier. But if you also click the "Rock Your Bod + Life in 7" image a little ways down on that page, it pulls up extremely wrong. I've attached images for this one as well just in case. It's as if SquareSpace only allows a certain width and squishes it to fit. Even though the font is also larger and everything is more spaced out inn general.... so I really don't know what's going on.
  11. Hi there! Does anyone know why this keeps happening? It happens with all my pop ups that include images. Formatting keeps getting stretched. Is there a way to fix this? Some code? I'd rather not give up on the images on every single one of my pop ups... I would give you a link, my my site is currently under maintenance trying to get all this sorted.
  12. Site URL: https://realfoodginger.com Hi there! I've search all over and can't seem to find the code to hide a ConvertKit pop up on specific SquareSpace pages. I would think this would be a popular thing to need, but I spent over an hour searching and can't find a darn thing about it. I have some opt-in pages on my site and don't want a different opt-in to distract someone... Any help would be appreciated! I have SquareSpace 7.0 Pacific theme and using the Poplar modal on ConvertKit. TIA! p.s. ignore the formatting of the pop up box - that is being updated shortly.
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