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  1. No it is still not something we were able to do. One work around I thought of is adding shipping insurance as a product and have different variations of that "product" to cover whats in the cart. That way they are paying for the insurance. But you would almost need it to come up as a pop up that someone would have to click through our X out that way they cant say "I didn't see it its not my fault"
  2. We want to give out free books that you can either add to your cart with no extra cost or just request one and we will ship it with no cost to the customer. I can not find a way to do this in the discounts tab without it switching to "orders over' or "any order" Is this something that is possible with square space?
  3. Hi there, Ive been looking around in the forum and all over the website and I cant seem to find what Im looking for. If you use Shopify you are able to toggle on and off insurance for every purchase and it charges the customer. I cant seem to find this setting in Squarespace. I attached a screenshot of what Im talking about. Any info would be super helpful! Thanks!!
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