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  1. My quick and dirty fix was to hide the sign-in with CSS, like so: /* Hide the member sign-in nav */ .user-accounts-link {display:none;}
  2. Site URL: https://www.addy.co.nz/address-validation-javascript-code-generator I know there's been some questions in the past about address auto complete form fields. I wanted to share a solution for anyone wanting address lookup and auto complete for New Zealand addresses. This solution is from https://www.addy.co.nz/address-validation-javascript-code-generator. It's simple to implement, just follow the guide on the Addy website. Note this is for regular form blocks, not checkout forms. I haven't tried it checkout forms, but I don't know it would work as there's no customisation with the com
  3. Having an option of removing the tax line altogether would be good. Legally it's an issue if an invoice states there is zero tax, when in fact there may be tax within the selling price. This happens in Australia and New Zealand where GST is often embedded in the retail price, and the tax is not always displayed. In some instances GST may or may not be included, but the purchase price is the same regardless (it can be a complex tax code).
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