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  1. I am considering Squarespace's Personal plan ($12/month) to launch a website for branding purposes. At some point in the future, I am interested in launching a service that allows people to schedule consulting sessions by the hour with me and am considering the Business plan ($18/month). Here are my two questions. 1) I saw that Square Space offers a function called "Scheduling." Is this part of the Business plan or is this part of the Commerce plan? I tried to check in the "Select a plan" page but couldn't find this information. 2) I just wanted to make sure I am interpreting the card transaction fees correctly. The Business plan has a transaction fee of 3% in addition to the credit card processor fee (for example, Stripe [https://stripe.com/] lists transaction fees as 2.9% + $0.30). If a client purchases an hour of consulting time for $100 through the website on Squarespace, then about $6.30 will go towards card transaction fees? 3) If I start off with a Personal plan but wish to upgrade to another plan later (e.g., the Business plan), is that possible in Squarespace or do I have to scrap the website created under the Personal plan and start a new website under the Business plan? Thanks so much for reading, I tried looking for the information above in past posts but could not find it.
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