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  1. Just wanting to add to the noise - I could have sworn that this was once an option on here a few years back. Maybe we need to all write in to complain to squarespace directly? It seems like such an easy "bug" or update to add.
  2. Site URL: http://www.kzipknits.com Hi all, Because I sell a lot through my site, I opted to build my new website with all of our updated branding while the other was still active, and then just have a "closed" day and transfer over my domain to the new website I've been building. My question is, do you know if the email campaigns will auto transfer over when I move my domain or if I will need to repurchase, like I will need to with my commerce system, and import all my customers emails into the new system? Also, if anyone has general tips on how to preserve their ecommerce info, I am a bit of a novice at all this.
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