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  1. Thank you so much, that worked perfectly!
  2. Thank you @paul2009, this has been super helpful so far! I'm trying to do something similar to TammyJordan, but I'd like to create my links in the "Not Linked" area of my pages (so it doesn't show up in the main navigation). I have followed your instructions above. However, when I try to add a "posts about health" link [for example] it doesn't show up on the dropdown list of pages I can link to. How can I make the link work? Thank you, -OCarlson
  3. Site URL: https://comoseedlibrary.org Hi there! I'm wondering if there is a way to add a caption just below an image in "Card" format design. I'm trying to add the caption, "A local seed library holding locally saved seeds." below the image of a free little library on the "About CCSL" page. I'd be happy with an Editing solution or CSS code but I am unable to inject code into the website in the advanced settings section. Website page: https://comoseedlibrary.org/about-ccsl Website password: S@v!ngS33ds.
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