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  1. Hi, i carefully read the thread again and now it works. That was it with a un-linked page ..
  2. Hi, That's totally perfect. THANKS alot. I know i nearly to muchs to ask for. But do you know a way to change the text "Back to" to "Tilbage til". Soren
  3. Hi, Thanks, but now it seems that "Fra" (from before) don't disappear, when i select the size.
  4. Hi. I would like to have it only on one categori. I'll sell books and posters, and I'll only have it for the Poster page
  5. Hi, I think i have the same issue. I would like to have some tekst over my products like shown on the picture. Heres link to my product page Thanks Soren
  6. Hi again, seems there's still a little problem. If I select a size, and then go back to "Vælg størrelse" It's displays "Fra from" instead of just "Fra! Soren
  7. I worked perfectly, thanks a lot. I could still need some help to change "back to" to "tilbage til" on the page? 🙂 Soren
  8. Site URL: https://trainspotting.dk/plakater/slvpilen-i-sorthvid Hello, On my product page, I need to change "from" to "Fra" and "back to" to "Tilbage til". Can anyone help? 🙂 Soren
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