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  1. No I haven't yet the item is just marked as sold out, I need code to hide the squarespace add to cart and etc on individual items, not a site wide code that applies to all items. I did have a site wide code to remove the square space add to cart, but I have multiple stores selling different items some of which would be better with the square space model not a buy button. thank you
  2. https://krazykush.ca/mail-order-store/p/king-louis This is a product that I need to remove the square space elements on https://krazykush.ca/bongspipes-more/p/t8zz972egsyvrvm3xd6amyd7abetcr This is a product where I want the square space elements
  3. No sorry I haven't yet, I have removed the squarespace checkout options but it was site wide code not for individual products. I want to be able to have the square space check out on some products but not all. I want to know if it's possible to hide the square space checkout ,quantity and etc on some products by using a code injection instead of a site wide code that removes in off everything.
  4. Site URL: https://krazykush.ca/ Can't use stripe for certain products on my website, so I'm doing the shopify buy button method but I only want it on certain products, as my other products are ok to sell with stripe. https://krazykush.ca/mail-order-store/p/afghani hidden item that I want no add to cart feature on and etc https://krazykush.ca/bongspipes-more/p/n9srj4u56nvf0yxxggmzwl8jrhb6ra Item that stripe would be okay with Thank you
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