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  1. Hello, I'm doing some much needed inventory organising and noticed many items didn't have a category or tags assigned before publishing. This is obviously a huge issue as without categories, nobody can see the item unless they are searching for it. Before I go and look through all 331 listings, is there a quicker way to do this? Thanks!
  2. This is great, was making my way through until 'The tradeoff of turning on developer mode is that once you activate it, you won’t get template updates anymore. ' ... this scared me 🤣 Gutted, that I can't do something simple, to help my business, and stay on Squarespace.
  3. Thanks Paul, this would work, however, I think I have some technical issues as I tried both ways you mentioned and also importing ALL of my Etsy products but they are nowhere to be found. I've imported products several times prior to today and it has been fine. I've contacted Squarespace directly now. Thanks for taking the time to reply.
  4. Hi everyone, I used to be able to import select Etsy products via Etsy CSV but I've recently tried to do this and the Etsy CSV option isn't there anymore, or am I missing something? There is only the option to log in to my Etsy account and import everything, which I don't want as there will be dupes and it said it would take 20 minutes. I only want to import 20 new items. Also, I don't want to use the Squarespace CSV template. Thanks in advance!
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