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  1. Like I said in the other post: it worked. Thank you!!
  2. @tuanphan sure! https://www.guimauve.nl/bracelets (this is the link, password = ingrid). The way I have it right now is with this code below. In mobile view, the upper row is two by two, the rest is still stacked. I would love all my products two by two. @media screen and (max-width:760px) { div#page-section-60acb063f2c8f00460869887>.row>.col>.row>.col> { width: 50% !important; float: left !important; } }
  3. Site URL: https://guimauve.nl Hi, I want my products side by side instead of stacks. So two columns. I used this code: @media screen and (max-width:760px) { div#page-section-60acb063f2c8f00460869887>.row>.col>.row>.col> { width: 50% !important; float: left !important; } div#page-section-60acb063f2c8f00460869887 .image-block { padding: 2px; } div#page-section-60acb063f2c8f00460869887 .image-block * { margin-bottom: 2px; }} However, only the upper row is now side by side. The rest is still stacked. (See screenshot) Can someone explain what's missing in this code?
  4. I am now using the code below, and if I remove +1 ,next to 2n , then I get those upper two next to each other. But I would like to have all of them two by two.
  5. @tuanphan Thanks for the code for the two columns, however, it only works on my upper row. The rest is still divided. See screenshot.
  6. Also, I would like to add opacity to the image's on my product page. Does anyone know a simple code for that?
  7. Site URL: https://guimauve.nl Hi guys, I've embedded Shopify into SP and I am almost there. I've changed a lot of stuff, improved the quality of the image of the pop up greatly, added zoom on hover etc. However, and this is where I am still frustrated: I want my grid photo to have the same quality as the pop up photo (which I've changed to 2048px in the .js file) Can someone help me out. Is this even possible?
  8. Hi guys, I'm trying to do this with my header photo. I can't get the code to work though.
  9. Alright, solved it. I added a blank section on my homepage, entered a code block with my Shopify code. Then I went to custom css and added the code below. And now the section is hidden but when I go to my shop page and add something to my shopping cart, the cart still shows on the home page. So thank you!! /* Hide this on Mobile */ @media screen and (max-width:767px) { [data-section-id="enter-id-here"] { display: none; } } /* Hide this on Tablet - Desktop */ @media screen and (min-width:768px) { [data-section-id="enter-id2-here"] { display: none; } }
  10. Thanks! It does indeed work, but only when you're at the shop page. It disappears once I return to the home page of my website (https://www.guimauve.nl password = ingrid)
  11. Hi Paul, Thanks! Yes I noticed how it pops up on the right side when you put an item in the shopping cart. I've hidden the squarespace cart since it doesn't interact. But it would be so nice to have the Shopify cart up in the header (perhaps opposite to the navigation) at all times. Is that possible with css? I've already customized about everything and quite pleased with the result. This would just be a very nice extra.
  12. Hi, I am by no means a css/html expert, but I did find the solution to your 2nd question. https://community.shopify.com/c/Shopify-APIs-SDKs/Product-image-issue-when-embedding-Shopify-Buy-Button-on-3rd/m-p/826203#M53654 Here (especially on page 2) someone explains in detail how to change the html url file. You open the css of your Shopify button (which you've pasted into squarespace), then you see a url - open this in a new tab and copy paste the whole thing into word or pages. Cntrl + f and look for 280 - change 280 in 1024 or whatever you want it to be (I changed all four of them into 2048px). Save the whole document as a .js file. Then go to Squarespace, create a new page (disable it), and create a text block and type a word, whatever word. Link it and instead of linking it to a url, upload the new .js file you just created. Add it to the word you just typed, copy the path which is displayed /s... something. And then go to the page settings and go to advanced. Type: <script src="PATH"></script> (customize the PATH with the path that you've just copied from the link file). Save and go back to your Shopify buy button css. Replace the url which you've used in the beginning to obtain the text for the JS document with the new path you've still got copied - the /s/PATH.js thing. Then save and voila, you're popup images should finally look like the way people intended photos to look in the 21st century. Again, I'm no expert on this, just followed everything they said in the link shared above. But it did help me out of this misery. Perhaps it will help you as well.
  13. Site URL: http://guimauve.nl Hi, I am customizing my shopping cart page with great css advice found on this forum. However, there are some issues unresolved. 1. I'd like to display my subtotal in lowercase and have it + the subtotal price displayed in a smaller font. 2. I'd like to have the item + the price also in a smaller font 3. The categories such as ITEM, QTY, and PRICE - I want them in lowercase as well 4. Bonus - if possible I'd like to change my quantity square into a circle and change the inner color from white to one of my own colors. At this moment, I've hidden it, but I'd prefer to show it in my own style. I hope you guys can help me out. I've added a screenshot of what the page looks like atm. Thanks!
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