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  1. Wolfsilon, Thank you for your help. It seems to have work. Although, another issue has come up. The calculator does show up without having to refresh the page, but it takes quite a while for it to appear. Any way to address that, to get it to appear quicker?
  2. Site URL: https://www.rscommercialcleaninginc.com I used a website called Ucalc and created a calculator which in turn spat out an HTML code that I was able to copy and past into Squarespace. Now every time I open the page the calculator does not appear. I have to refresh the page for the calculator to show up. If you go to my website using this link https://www.rscommercialcleaninginc.com and click on the tab "Estimate Calculator" in the top right corner you will see that the calculator will not come up. You will have to refresh the page to see it. Any idea as to why that is happening?
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