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  1. Bonjour @ tuanphan, J'ai un problème sur la page de mon panier. Je souhaite réduire la largeur de la page. Pour le moment, il prend toute la largeur comme vous pouvez le voir sur la capture d'écran. Comment puis-je réduire la largeur de la page? Merci https://arabicafes.com/cart
  2. Thanks, but it's not working really good. You can see what's happened with this code.
  3. I have the same problem as what I explained at the top of the post. I can't put 2 images next to each other on the mobile view. How can I fix this problem? Thank you url: https://arabicafes.com/aeropress password: arabicafestest
  4. Site URL: https://arabicafes.com/ Hi, I would like to put 2 product on the same raw on view mobile. For moment products are one on top of the other. If possible, I would like to reduce the size of the text on the computer view for this same product. Can you help me ? Thank's password: arabicafestest
  5. Yeah sure, no problem. Thank you for Q4 & 5, work perfectly well :)
  6. I try some code for q4 to q7 but it's not working. Have you a solution for that? Thank's 🙏
  7. Yes exactly. And I would also like the main menu to be on one line and not on 2 lines, as can be seen in the second image. I didn't find how to do that..
  8. Yes totally, I hadn't paid attention to the view on the tablet. It could be very nice to change all this 🙂 For the question 2, i think could be great with 2 item per row. For the question 3, good idea to have sapce on left & right screen 😉
  9. URL : www.arabicafes.com password: arabicafestest An other question, i have a problem with the different size on screen. Particularly with big size. Like you can see on the uploaded image, there are a difference between the 2 images. The image on the left it's on my normal screen (mac computer) and the disposition that i want, and the second image it's on big screen of my brother computer. I see just above on your screenshot of my website that the layout has also changed.. Can you help me to fixe this problem? 🙏 Thank you
  10. Actually, I am a bit of a perfectionist. There is just a little shift, I find the text is not exactly centered in the section.
  11. Thank you ! It's work perfectly ! You are a genius 😉
  12. Hi The URL of my website is : https://arabicafes.com/chemex with the password : arabicafestest Thank's
  13. Site URL: https://arabicafes.com/chemex Hello, i would like to put the 2 images side by side on view mobile instead of seeing them on top of each other. I didn't find code for this. Could you help me? Thank's
  14. I'm talking about the top and bottom section of the screen shot here. "livraison gratuite sur nantes" and "Valoriser le travail des producteurs Soutenir les micro-torréfacteurs Partager les plus beaux cafés" Thank's
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