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  1. @tuanphan For the image collages I think the best solution would be to have same layout on tablet as mobile?
  2. @tuanphanThank you, that solved the white field problem! Looking forward to your input on tablet issues. Really appreciate your help!
  3. It seems the white space is somehow only visible on 27" screen (even when scaling down the browser window), and not on 15" screen. Also, I would love to get a solution for the tablet issues you found! 🙏 Thanks for all your help, @tuanphan
  4. Dear @tuanphan, it seems the code you suggested only made the white space/padding larger. Maybe I've misunderstood something?
  5. Thank you, @tuanphan! Yes, all issues you found I would really appreciate a solution for.
  6. Site URL: https://xn--ernringsrdgiver-plbk.no Hi, I'm looking for some help changing the placement of footer elements on mobile. Correct layout on desktop: On mobile it looks like this now: T This is how I want it to look on mobile - the text box below "Nyhetsbrev" should be moved to the bottom (nevermind the difference in social icons): Any help would be appreciated! Password is baretesterlitt
  7. Site URL: https://xn--ernringsrdgiver-plbk.no/oppskrifter/category/middag Hi, I've creating a blog category filter, but when using the filter a white/empty field shows up above the footer. I suppose this issue might be solved when more blog posts are added, but a fix for now would be great. Any help is highly appreciated! Password is baretesterlitt
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