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  1. I did the way you told me but actually nothing changed, i still have all the last items added all together in what it seems a "all category summary" that I don't want. i would like that you clic SHOP ART and you are let say in the first category UNIQUE PIECE maybe underlined and then you change clicking on let say canvas prints. (image attached) To answer your questions: 1. (Tablet-Shop Art) Change to 2-3 items/row? I should already have 2 items on the mobile view 2. (Products) Keep “Added” after clicking add to cart? Yes could be absolutely good, because after 5 second it switc
  2. Hi Tuanphan, Thanks for your help. When i put that coding it gives this Syntax error. (I attach picture) I put it on the CSS custom page, am I wrong? Thanks
  3. Site URL: https://www.straight-leg.com/shop Hi everybody, I have been able thanking your help in previous questions to remove the "all" word from my online store. But the problem remain because actually I don't have the "all" word anymore but effectively I still have everything together. is that a way to avoid this? I actually would like that you clic in the online store and you go in one of the product lists i created. Let say "unique pieces" underlined. I think these summary when all the products are together is really ugly especially if i update different products with the
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