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  1. Hi - yes to #1 replace the url that's listed with an icon like you've underlined. and THANK YOU for the info on #2! Cheers, Kate
  2. This worked! Thank you so much for this help! Were you able to figure out how to add a website icon that would link to the author's website? Also, how do I go about finding an author's ID when I add other authors - or is it easier just to ping back here and ask for help? Appreciate you and your support here! Cheers, Kate
  3. This worked. Can you confirm how I would add this to all of my authors? Do I copy that code injection and replace the author's linked-in reference? I tried to do that with my author profile (Kate Nagel) and wasn't able to get it to work. My LinkedIn connection is https://www.linkedin.com/in/nagelkate/ Also were you able to figure out how to create something similar for the author's website? Thanks so much for your help! My author's will be happy to see a direct link to their LinkedIn as an extra opportunity to promote! Cheers, Kate
  4. Hi - Here are links to blog posts by three separate authors https://www.coachescooperative.org/blog-main/post-sharpen-your-blade https://www.coachescooperative.org/blog-main/from-someday-to-today-turning-your-passion-projects-into-a-reality https://www.coachescooperative.org/blog-main/post-stillman-exploring-qualities-mentor-coach And to your question about the web site - yes - I think it would be nice to have the LinkedIn logo that connects to their page and then a web logo that can link to their website. Thanks for your help! Cheers, Kate
  5. The CSS worked perfectly thank you so much! We have multiple authors contributing to our blog. Ideally, I'd love to have the LinkedIn logo + link. And I think it should align left under the bio and next to their web URL (is there a way this could be a link + icon, too?)
  6. And here's a sample blog post if helpful: https://www.coachescooperative.org/blog-main/from-someday-to-today-turning-your-passion-projects-into-a-reality
  7. Hi, I'm working on a blog section and for the first time have multiple authors. I'm looking for some help in two areas. Font Size - the font size of the bio is very small compared to the rest of the content. Is there a way that I can make it larger? Social / Connections: is there a way to format the bio so that it can include links to social media accounts - I'm most interested in how I could include a link to an author's LinkedIn profile. Appreciate any help you can offer. Cheers, Kate
  8. I do see it worked on that one - I had to clear my browsing history to see that change - I like this - however - when I look at this post (after I cleared history) I'm not seeing the change. is there something I'm not doing correctly? https://www.coachescooperative.org/blog-main/post-green-wood-dragon-mastery
  9. Hi! Thank you so much for your help! I tried to use this code - here's where I added it and it didn't have any change to the blog post page (attached screenshot). I'm wondering if it's better to add it as a site footer but ONLY on blog posts? And also, I'm curious about the plugin i could use? I've authors who would like to include their LinkedIn and other social links? Is this also possible.
  10. Hi- sorry about that - this link should work. https://www.coachescooperative.org/blog-main/post-foundations-of-mentorship
  11. Hi - thanks so much for your reply! After formatting a few blog posts - here's what I think would work best. First choice is that below the bio for each blog post, I'd like a section where I can add in a button to subscribe to the newsletter and and another to join the community. Also, below the author's name I would love to be able to showcase other articles they've published on our site and/or articles that are related. Here's a sample blog post... https://www.coachescooperative.org/blog-main/post-foundations-of-mentorship-1 So, if you look right below the article content I've added in the "join the community," I'd like to move this below the author's name. And then below that would be related articles, etc. Let me know if this helps with what the best solution would be. And I'm also comfortable that these would be settings that would apply to all blog posts.
  12. Hi - I'm getting to launch the first blog for a new site - coachescooperative.org, and I'm looking for some ideas as to how to format posts. Specifically, I'm looking to add a section below the main blog post - OR - below the bio information that would allow me to include a "for more information," which would be a space where we could recommend additional resources or if the post were sponsored to offer a space for ad-placement. Any thoughts or ideas as to how I could go about this? Thanks so much for any help! ♡Kate
  13. Thanks Sam! It worked!! Appreciate you and your help! I'm finishing up my site this week and will ping back if I have any other questions! Cheers! Kate
  14. Thanks so much, Sam! It worked!☺️ I have one more question - when I changed the CSS to fix the link format - when I have a button on the site that links to another page or an email, it uses the same color scheme - making it difficult to see the content in the button. The login button in the upper right corner is an example of what's happening. Is there a way I can change this so that the text in a button link is a different color? Thanks!
  15. Hi - I'm working on a website and here's a page that you can access (the home page is locked until we go live) - coachescooperative.org/about I have two questions of the same theme - can you help me with custom CSS code that will help me reformat the links that appear.. 1. in content blocks on the site 2. in the footer of the site Specifically, I want to remove the underline because I find it distracting to the content. Rather, I'd like to be able to have the links show as bold in one color and then, when someone hovers, have them change to another color. Is this possible? Thanks in advance! Kate
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