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  1. Sure no problem, I would appreciate that.
  2. I was able to apply and test this on my end and the code works perfectly, thank you! Looking forward to your rest for 3 through to 7 & 9.
  3. Sorry for the confusion, this layout is perfect actually for the logo area on the about page. So we can actually move on as #8 is resolved.
  4. So 1 and 2 looks great. Reviewed the tablet look for the about page and this is what i am seeing with the code applied.
  5. I applied the code to the website. I don't think #8 is working when I test it on my tablet. Let me know if this is working on your end, it could just be my tablet giving issues.
  6. Yes I would be interested all 12 you have mentioned.
  7. Thank you so much for the code and for the video
  8. Could this also be done for the following pages: https://seabltd.squarespace.com/residential-services/ https://seabltd.squarespace.com/commercial-services/ https://seabltd.squarespace.com/specialised-services/ https://seabltd.squarespace.com/about-us I tried changing the id being used for the page section for each page, but its not showing like the homepage.
  9. Apologies, please see the following https://seabltd.squarespace.com/ Password: seab12345
  10. Site URL: https://seabltd.squarespace.com/ On desktop the block content is in a zig zag order. First section shows as below: Second sections shows as below: However on the mobile we want the order to show as 1. Image, 2. Heading, 3. Body text, 4. Keywords, 5. Button. It shows like this for th e section where the images are aligned left but not for the section section where the images are aligned right.
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