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  1. Perfect! Really appreciate your help there and I've learnt some stuff along the way.
  2. Thanks Creedon, you are a champion. The only issue left is I have to open the product in a new tab or if I click through then I need to refresh the page. So for; https://www.ornointeriors.com.au/chest-of-drawers-dressers I click one of the items, then refresh and the button shows. Any ideas?
  3. Strange. I had to open the chest-of-draws pages in new tabs for the button to show. https://www.ornointeriors.com.au/chest-of-drawers-dressers/louis-chest-painted
  4. Site URL: https://www.ornointeriors.com.au/shop-categories I would like to change some text linked to a /contact page to a button. Using the code found here https://forum.squarespace.com/topic/192022-adding-button-throughout-the-website/#comment-456355 (thanks Creedon) works for all products on that page. eg: https://www.ornointeriors.com.au/chest-of-drawers-dressers However I would like to add a button for individual physical product pages that are POA. eg: https://www.ornointeriors.com.au/dining-chairs/paloma-side-chair Does anyone have any suggestions, is this possible using tags with CSS linked to code?
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