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  1. Site URL: https://seal-potato-w634.squarespace.com/felton-table Hi team, I'm just tailoring all of the pages on my clients new website to suit mobile. On that note - isn't the way that SS populates mobile pages on 7.1 with fluid editor just totally ridiculous? There is no logic what so ever as to how they position the blocks and you end up having to redesign every page for mobile - what a nightmare and a double up. I love it that we can now easily change the layout for mobile but having to rebuild from scratch as all the blocks are in a weird order is taking way more time. Anyway, I am experiencing what I can only think is a bug on some of my product pages on mobile. You'll see with the screen shot that the pages have a large top image and then below them a Gallery of smaller images. The Gallery is a grid with lightbox so they pop out. Below this is a text box with the description for the product. It looks great on Desktop but I am having issues on mobile. On the editor view, the images in the Gallery are really big, with two per row. When you view on the actual website on your mobile, they're small images below the top image which looks great. The issue is, that if I make it look like the page content is properly spaced on the editor, it adds a huge space on the live page. To ensure that there isn't a huge space below the gallery, I have to place the text over the gallery itself on editor. This is really hard to guess where it should be and also such bad practice. Has anyone else experienced this before? Am I doing something stupid? Is there a way to make the editor screen and actual site look the same so it's easier to edit? This is the product I'm currently editing - https://seal-potato-w634.squarespace.com/felton-table - password is TEST. Take a look on mobile. You'll see that the description is nice and close to the small gallery. But to make it look like that, the editor looks like the attached image with the text over the gallery. If I move the text below the gallery on editor, it leaves a huge white space (the length of the gallery in editor) on the live site which looks terrible. I hope that what I'm saying makes sense! I'll be feeding it back to SS. Thanks!
  2. Hey! Yes, sorry I managed to find the code somewhere. Sorry it's taken me so long to reply... building this website for my client is taking over my life!
  3. Hey @kindandbrave did you ever get a solution for this that worked? Thanks
  4. Hi @tuanphan - this only changes the header navigation text, not the background - can you help with the background colour? Thanks!
  5. Hey @christyprice thanks for the idea. I'll give that a try. And thanks @creedon you could be right. My clients will just have to cope with whatever font I can make work for them. I wouldn't mind so much if I wasn't trying to recreate the site to be identical for them. Cheers guys!
  6. Hi guys, The code worked perfectly to remove the underline. Do you know what code I need to make the active link change colour slightly? I'm rebuilding this site for my client on 7.1 instead of 7 but they want the header nav to work the same. So far I've removed the underline that 7.1 makes the active link have, but I need to imitate the slightly grey active nav link. Thoughts? Here's the 7 site - https://www.treology.co.nz/ Here's the 7.1 site that I need to make the active link change colour. https://seal-potato-w634.squarespace.com/ - Password is TEST. I do love 7.1 but I really miss some of the things that they're removed - I mean why on earth remove this option? Thanks in advance. Jodi
  7. Hi guys, I'm having this problem on 7.1 also, but in my case, I'm not including px by accident. The code I'm using is simply h3 { font-weight: 400 !important; } But it's just not working. I'm rebuilding the site for my client. The font they have, Futura PT works on 400 on their current SS 7 site, but on SS 7.1, the font only responds to any change in weight if I put the number up over 500. So for example 501 works. But it stays the same from 501 through to 800 - doesn't get any bolder. I'm so confused why it's not working? Any ideas would be really appreciated. The site is https://seal-potato-w634.squarespace.com/ Password is TEST. Thanks!
  8. Thanks for this, it works on the site I am working on for a client, but it doesn't remove the price from the main shop page (or you could call it a collection page). So the price still shows there. Any idea what code we would need to put in so that the price for just one product doesn't show on the main shop page? Ie I'd need a code to insert to any product that I don't want a price showing so that it doesn't show up there. Thanks!
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