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  1. Hi, hoping someone can answer this as I've not been able to find it by googling! Is it possible to disable a payment method for 1 particular product, or I suppose set different payment methods for individual products? I realise there aren't many instances where this would be overly useful, but I have just been informed that AfterPay don't allow you to use AfterPay on pre-order products. Most of the time I'm only offering a pre-order product when there isn't any physical product available in the shop, in which case I can just do a site-wide toggle off on AfterPay in the commerce section. But
  2. Thanks for answering. So there's no way to see sales data (like total revenue) in real time?
  3. Hi, I've just launched my squarespace shop (coming over from big cartel). I ran some tests the other day and had someone checkout on a test product, all worked fine and the sales showed up in analytics. I launched my new products tonight and had an influx of orders, however the sales page is only showing the 2 test orders from a few days ago. The orders are showing in the orders page - but no sales data. In bigcartel the orders/sales/revenue info is really clear and intuitive - is there something I'm missing, how can I see my sales data? Orders are showing up under the orders tab, and I c
  4. I can't offer any help but I'm wanting to know the same about seeing clear orders with images. I came from bigcartel and thought squarespace was going to be leaps and bounds above what I was used to, but squarespace seems kind of clunky - especially trying to clearly view orders, sales data etc. Glad I'm not the only one who thinks so. Hopefully there's a ways to change this.
  5. Did you ever figure this out? I'm trying to find out how to do the same thing. Image blocks don't seem to reduce width small enough!
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