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  1. @tuanphan - Can you help with the question above? I have a similar question. How can I create a product that includes a bundle of 4 products. Ex: I want to create a bundle of "4 polaroids". So within this product the customer has the option to choose 4 of the polaroids available with better pricing than if they were to purchase each separately. Here are the list of polaroids: https://www.jivamorelife.com/polaroids
  2. Thank you!! Can I do the same thing for these 2 sections? https://www.jivamorelife.com/
  3. @tuanphan Is there custom code that would do the same thing for a banner section on a homepage (index) page for a mobile view? (The first section in the link below. Photo attached) https://www.jivamorelife.com/
  4. Thank you for catching that! Yes, I am able to click it and add a title, but it doesn't show up once I save it. Do you know why that would be? I've attached images showing this below. I've also listed the custom css I have in case that is interfering. /* Fixed Header */ .Header { position: fixed; z-index: 9999; width: 100%; top: 0px; } .Content-outer { margin-top: 50px; } // fixed header navigation for desktop, tablet and mobile // header, .Mobile { width: 100%; position: fixed; position: -webkit-sticky; position: sticky; top:
  5. Site URL: https://www.jivamorelife.com/links Hi. I am creating a replica of a "linktree" landing page but on my website. I was able to format it correctly on the website view, but when you look at the mobile view, the image (a photo of me) is really large and takes up most of the screen so you have to scroll down to see the links (image below). How can I make the image smaller in the mobile view so you can see at least 4 links without scrolling?
  6. Thank you Dan, but there is no "Add section" available when I look to edit my blog. I can only add posts. Look at the screenshot below. Is there a way to get around this?
  7. Yes. How can I make the header height of the mobile view smaller?
  8. Site URL: https://www.jivamorelife.com/blog I want to add a title to my blog's landing page that says "You are Limitless. The Blog". I can't add blocks to the blog landing page so I think I need custom code to add it in. How can I do that?
  9. @tuanphan I meant the header (not the banner), so I'm looking to resize the header for mobile only.
  10. @tuanphanThe code above worked for collections!! Thank you. https://www.jivamorelife.com/mini-paintings But for the following link, only half of the products are showing 2 per row on mobile. Do you know how to fix it? https://www.jivamorelife.com/mini-paintings I used this code that you sent below: /* product 2 columns mobile */ @media screen and (max-width:640px) { /* Mini paintings */ div#page-60246570a7841d194bd52219 .span-12 .row:nth-child(3) .span-3 { width: 50% !important; float: left !important; } div#page-60246570a7841d194bd52219 .span-12 .row:nth
  11. @tuanphan Yes. I would like to make everything in the header smaller at the top. So that would include the navigation button, Logo, and shop icon.
  12. @tuanphan Thank you!! That worked great. Could you do the similar for this page? https://www.jivamorelife.com/collections
  13. @christyprice @tuanphan Hi! How can I change the height of the header on mobile only? I'm looking to do this for www.jivamorelife.com. It looks good on the web, but it's taking up more of the screen than I want on mobile. Can we reduce padding / the size?
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