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  1. Site URL: https://www.caferoyalbooks.com/search/search?q= Hello, I wonder whether someone can help? Firstly, this seems only to happen on Safari, I'm using 14.1.2. Latest Chrome on Mac seems ok. I'm listing both problems here because I think they're connected. On my site, you will see the links at the top (header bottom left), England, being the first. That link is about 1px higher than the others and I can not work out why. Inspecting the element gives: body:not(.tweak-header-primary-nav-hover-style-button) .Header-nav--primary .Header-nav-item, body:not(.tweak-header-primary-nav-hover-style-button).tweak-header-secondary-nav-inherit-styles .Header-nav--secondary .Header-nav-item { margin: 0 .6em; padding: .618em 0; } I have made bold the part in question, but this same padding seems to run throughout the site. Any help would be appreciated. Also, on the product galley pages https://www.caferoyalbooks.com/shop for example, some (not all) of the thumbnails have a white hairline at the bottom between the image and the drop shadow. I can't figure why, but wondered if connected to the main nav issue. As noted, this doesn't happen in Chrome. Weirdly, it doesn't happen in safari either when the site is in edit mode.
  2. @charlievictor I don't think it will be 'sorted'. I had hoped it would change but as time ones, I don't think so. Does Shopify integrate IOSS? I think what eBay and amazon and Etsy do is all at checkout, based on the type of item you're selling and the buyers location. It adds on extra VAT and gives that direct to the EU, then the customer doesn't have to pay handling fees and VAT on delivery...Its a nightmare though. I sell £6 items, which customers are having to pay around £5 to receive!
  3. @tuanphanno, this is just how it is aligned as standard. What I'd like it the links on the right, cart etc, to align with the bottom of the logo on the left.
  4. Site URL: https://www.caferoyalbooks.com/search?q= Hello, the search page — how can I change 'type to search' to something else, and bring the font inline with the rest of the website in terms of styling? And, make the search bar smaller, maybe a quarter of the width?
  5. Site URL: https://www.caferoyalbooks.com/search Hi, I've added a logo to my site, top left in the header. I have top right social icons etc. I'd like to align the social icons, cart etc with the baseline of the logo rather than the centre. Is that possible?
  6. @tuanphan Thanks very much...again! All good. The text on the home page I did change. I used a click through image instead. I can't seem to get the curser pointer on the image though — it does flick on momentarily but goes fast. Looking at the mobile site, I could do with pulling in from the sides the home page text, the individual product listing, and the product page products...all attached. Is there an all in one solution or does each need coding individually? Can I send you some books to thank you?
  7. @tuanphan You read my mind! Yes...I have 'fix mobile site' on my list. These points would be great, if you don't mind helping? And the text over the images on the home screen, if that could have a white background, that would also be great. Do you work for SS? Thanks for your help, much appreciated.
  8. That's great @creedon, thank you. Now in the intro section of the products page, I'd like to write, "➕= limited edition prints available", but using the red cross, which appears in the product listing...I get get the whole thing to turn red but not the single character. Is there a way? https://www.caferoyalbooks.com/shop
  9. Site URL: http://caferoyalbooks.com/shop Hi, I sell books. Some of the books have a special edition option. At present I use an emoji to signify those products, and use the emoji in the product title, on the products page to show those with an edition — see link. Rather than emoji, I'd like to use a single character '&', for example. I'd like to style the & so it was yellow, for example, and bold. Can that be done? Thanks
  10. @tuanphanit's ok, thanks, @creedon fixed it: .ProductList-item:not( .tag-no-shadow ) .ProductList-outerImageWrapper { box-shadow : 2px 2px 3px; }
  11. Site URL: https://www.caferoyalbooks.com/shop Hi, I'm using Brine, SS 7.0. I have a product page and I'd like to add a box shadow: .ProductList-outerImageWrapper { box-shadow: 2px 2px 3px !important; } BUT...I want to exclude some products from this style. Is there a way to style individual products on the products page? I have the yui code but not sure if that's how? Thanks
  12. is there a way to add a border to a single product image on a products page?
  13. @tuanphan I've tried the suggestions above...I'd like 'SHOPPING CART' to be 13px lowercase (normal), and the same with the item title, price etc...everything needs to be the same. Do you know how? Many thanks https://www.caferoyalbooks.com/cart
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