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  1. Site URL: http://waterdropstudio.com Hello everyone! My site is almost ready to be launched and I was wondering if anyone could recommend me a coding consultant who could look over my code for errors. I've used a lot and I am no expert. I am also interested in increasing site speed. If anyone could leave some recommendations I would really appreciate it! Thanks!
  2. Hi @tuanphan Thanks for your reply! I removed the custom bullets, no worries on that. So weird about the social icon color change. Will Squarespace support even answer a question about that? They don't help with custom code, right? Would you happen to know a different code that would accomplish the same result? Thanks again.
  3. Hi @tuanphan, the social icons are in the footer, and they still aren't working. waterdropstudio.com/home I removed the code for custom bullets because they were causing the bullets not to show up at all, but they were on about. waterdropstudio.com/about-waterdrop-studio under "who we work with". Thanks!
  4. Site URL: https://www.waterdropstudio.com Hello! Wondering if someone could take a look at my coding. I am a designer, not a coder so I find what I need on the internet and cross my fingers that it'll work for some things. I am trying to change the color of my social media block in my footer, and the code was working for a while and now it only works when I edit the footer block. Once I click save and navigate to a new page the icons turn black. This is the code I am using: /*footer social color change */ .sqs-use--icon {fill:#A49175!important;} .sqs-use--mask {fill:#fbf2d6!important;} I also added some code to customize the bullets, and the same thing happens; it works for a minute and then switches back to normal bullets. Using this code: /*CUSTOM BULLETS*/ ul[data-rte-list] li>*:first-child::before { content: "\21AA"; font-weight: 400; color: #A49175; } I'm wondering if I have some bad syntax somewhere that is causing this to happen? Site is: waterdropstudio.com Password: kimchi If anyone has a sec to take a look I'd reallly appreciate it! Thanks!
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