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  1. Hi there, i am looking for a collect product reviews tool. i have found that main brand on the market is charging over 12k per year. are there any other worthy alternatives out there ? i need to import product reviews, to have a review schema, send review request and other features. What is the best tool our there for us Squarespace users ?
  2. Hi guys, Is there a proper solution to send review request email to my customers ? solutions like mailchimp are not the best way to handle this for me, i'd like something more automated. It would be great to be able to collect product reviews, photo reviews, reply to reviews, send review coupons or review request reminders. This would make my site trusted.
  3. no need for such involvement, use Wiremo, will inject star rating in product pages automatically.
  4. i see you removed any rating plugins. try yotpo or Wiremo, the latter one has full plugin integration , all product pages will have their own individual reviews.
  5. use Wiremo, much easier, no need for all these manual ticks.
  6. i agree here, you should check api documentation, see here what data api returns https://documentation-apidocumentation.trustpilot.com/consumer-api#get-a-consumer's-reviews
  7. go with wiremo or yotpo, no issues there whatsoever.
  8. i recommend external services with plugins, like yotpo or wiremo
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