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  1. Hi. I want to change the button to sign up for my newsletter to a Lightbox so you see just the button and when people click on it the space for name and email opens up. I tried to do it with the form block and visually it worked but apparently then it cant connect to the email storage. Thank you!
  2. Hi Paul. Thanks for replying. I didnt' remove the code. I can't figure out what steps I didn't follow. Any insights?! Thank you!! I did this - when I tried to add it to all blog posts (I checked for the obvious - that I didn't save etc) 1- post blog item code injection When I tried to add to an individual.
  3. Site URL: https://www.wtfjusthappened.net/ Hi. I am trying to add "reading time" to my blog posts (under articles and videos) Here are 2 examples of the posts - https://www.wtfjusthappened.net/articles-videos-grief-afterlife/when-the-bully-wins https://www.wtfjusthappened.net/articles-videos-grief-afterlife/the-five-stages-of-grief-and-why-they-are-wrong --- I am following instructions (that seemed really simple) from here but even after following them the reading time never showed up: https://www.maryphilip.com/the-blog/how-to-add-a-reading-time-to-your-squarespace-blog Any insights appreciated!! Thank you. --- I did both of these: 1st: To add to all blogs, go to the Blog’s Page Settings, click Post Blog Item Code Injection and add the following: Copy Code <div class="reading-time"></div> 2nd: I tried to add to an individual post when it didnt work on all of them and this didnt work either 1. Add a empty placeholder for content to go: Add a code block where you want it to go, delete the dummy content and paste in the following: To add it to each blog manually add the following to a code block to each blog: Copy Code <div class="reading-time"></div>
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