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  1. Hi everyone. I usually create a category, for example in my keyrings section of my shop, I would create movie keyrings, video game key rings, comic book keyrings etc.. Never had any problem. However, one I just added / created is not working properly. The item I added to it and created it for is not appearing there, although the category itself is showing up, but nothing is there. Has anyone had this happen before? or know the fix? or is it usually just slow to update? Thanks in advance
  2. Hi all. I spend quite a lot of time tagging my products on my website. I haven't looked massively into the SEO features yet. But I just wondered do the tags help with SEO in any way, or are they purely for your website in terms of people being able to find products, and you being able to link related products and such? Thanks in advance
  3. @paul2009 I just don't want to miss orders. I am used to platforms where it keeps you notified of orders that are still waiting to go out and they only disappear from the dashboard ( even when not in the orders section) once you have marked them as dispatched. Maybe it's just the way I am used to working but it really does seem logical. for the order details themselves I am more worried about making mistakes because I sell lots of small products with very similar variations of sizes, colours, grades etc . So again I am used to Etsy for example where it shows a picture of the variation which makes it super easy to make sure you get the right item even at a glance. Another similar question but, does it at least notify you when someone signs up to your newsletter? or again there is no way of knowing without constantly going in and checking the numbers / list manually? Thanks again for your help
  4. Hi all. Due to brine only allowing categories and not sub categories. I decided to make a folder on the navigation that has several shops within it, so that they look like categories even though I guess they are actually separate shops. - this is fine and works quite well when you hover over the shop button and select the relevant option from the dropdown. However, if you don't hover over the drop down and you just click on shop itself, it just brings up the first shop of the several within the folder. I wondered if there is a way to either link it to another page, or stop it linking to anything at all until you follow the drop down? I would love it to go to an 'all products' page, but because I have my products technically in separate shops I am guessing there is no way to do that? i.e it would be all of shop 1 or all of shop 2. Hopefully that makes sense. Thanks in advance if anyone has any suggestions!
  5. @paul2009 thank you for the quick reply. Is it something that 'coders' / extensions for squarespace could help with or with it being in the back office is there no way around it? Thanks again
  6. @paul2009@tiffatron Tiffatron - Glad it's not just me, seems like it's a pretty vital and basic function, there MUST be a way to have it like that. If you find anything please let me know, it's killing me! Paul2009 - Thanks for the reply. I will have a look at downloading the app now as that notification might be useful. Is there no way to make it notify you within the dashboard / have an icon or symbol next to the orders tab for example to make you aware that there are pending orders not marked as fulfilled yet? I really hope so! Also is there any way to see the order details or packing slips any differently maybe with a little image of the product / variation etc to accompany it and prevent packing errors? Thanks again!
  7. Hi all, newbie here with more questions. I cannot figure out where to change the colour of this very light grey text in my theme, can anyone point me in the right direction? I am using Brine version 7 This is my shopping card page, you can see for example where it says Grade : A grade and Enamel: Hard enamel, it is super difficult to see. I'm sure it's a simple fix that I am just overlooking. Thank you in advance!
  8. Hi everyone. Just got my website finally set up. I tested the shop and got my partner to buy something, all seems to work fine. However, other than an email, where does it actually notify you of new orders? I can see the orders tab which it does show in, but there was no notification if I had not clicked into it. I was expecting maybe a red circle with a '1' in it or something along those lines to appear next to the orders tab to let me know there is something waiting. Or something along those lines at least. Also, possibly just wishful thinking. But I have come from Etsy, so I am used to seeing my sales listed pretty clearly, with images, showing the variations purchased etc making it dead easy to pack my orders without mistakes. Squarespace seems very... difficult. Super small text, especially when viewing what delivery option they have picked ( worried I will not notice when it is tracked over standard shipping ) no pictures etc.. I don't expect it to be perfect but I am wondering if there is a way for me to change any of the above? Thanks for any advice!
  9. Oh man, I signed up for squarespace before realising this is an issue. Is there a paid add on or app for this or anything?
  10. Hi all, I just posted this in another section to ask if it was already possible to do. But I am thinking not, so I figured I would ask here. Basically I wondered if there is code to create sub categories within the version 7 Brine template. I am new here so I wasn't sure if it is as easy as that or tons of work, when entering one lot of coding does it throw everything out etc.. All information is appreciated! This is specifically for product pages by the way, so for example after clicking mens clothing from the category, it would be nice to then have the option of trousers, tops, shoes etc.. Hopefully that makes sense.
  11. Hi all. Just deciding between Brine 7 and squarespace 7.1 I have figured out how to make categories in both, although 7.1 looks like it positions them at the top of the page with no option to have them appear down the left like on 7/Brine. I am swaying towards Brine, however it looks like there is no way to create sub categories, which is quite important to me. Does any one know is this is the case? and if so is it something I should be posting in the coding forum, or is it not as simple as that? Thanks in advance
  12. Just to confirm I have looked and it says 'Version 7.0– Brine family (Brine template)'
  13. Thank you for the reply. I have products on the right when on the shop page yeah, I have got 6 there which I think should be enough to test it. Yeah I have tried searching for 'prod' within design>site styles, for some reason it still doesn't show, and my options seem different from yours. I have attached a screen shot but from what I can tell this is Brine, I did a quick google search and it seems to be the right one ( Unless you notice anything different ) It seems very strange, is it possible that the feature only unlocks if I pay? It's still on trial mode. I am happy to pay now if so, I just didn't want to start paying and then find it doesn't bring up the option still. Thanks again
  14. Thank you for the reply, I am going to try and attach a screen shot of what I get, as it looks like I have different options to you even when I follow the instructions. Sorry if I am misunderstanding and missing something obvious
  15. Thank you for the reply! I can find, Design > Site Styles > however I cannot see an option for products:layout. I can see 'main' like the image you showed, however the other options I have seem different. I have checked, just in case it's me being stupid but I cannot find anything that relates or mentions products. Would this appear if I paid? or is it more likely that the theme I picked (Brine) doesn't support the option? Thanks again
  16. Hi all, Completely new and just wanted to test some things out, I was just about ready to pay for the subscription, but I cannot for the life of me figure out how to change the amount of products on a row. I just wanted to check before I pay if this is possible? All I can find is people posting codes online but for specific themes and most of the replies claim it messes something up in it's place when used. All help is greatly appreciated!
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