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  1. It's a link to an external site where you can enter you email to subscribe.
  2. Yeah I saw you recommend this approach on an earlier post as well but there is a problem. As you can see on my site the menu navigation is centered underneath my logo and the button is pinned to the right, also slightly higher in terms of alignment. The nav-items are in their own wrapper that is not even as wide as the whole banner. I would have to rip the nav-item from its container/wrapper, move it to the right and hope to god it still scrolls away in the header. I don't think that's easily achieved. I tried widening the nav-list-wrapper but it doesn't fill the entire width of the screen and even if it did I would still need to find a way to center 4 of the 5 items, but keep one to the right. It would be a CSS nightmare I think.
  3. Site URL: https://www.someoneswebsite.com Hi, I have a button in my Header that says "Follow On Spotify" and would like to add the button "Join My Newsletter". Can I add a second button or does the Header only have room for one?
  4. And to answer my own question: you have to put this code in the Footer section. The description is very misleading. It used to say "add this code before the </body> tag" but now it says "Enter code that will be injected into the template-defined footer on every page of your site". THIS IS NOT TRUE! Code added here is put in the <body> tag. You can then use the custom CSS to place the code where you want on the page. Unfortunately I have to use "position: fixed" to place it on top of the header but it works for now. Would be great if the squarespace team would make this easier.
  5. Hi Tuanpan, I can only add JS to the Head or Footer, not the <body> of the page. Where do I add the JS to duplicate the button in the header?
  6. I can already tell that the "header" is not in the "head" section. So the custom HTML I can add does NOT appear in the header of the template. The HTML <head> tag contains scripts and styles of course, but I would like to edit this header which is in the <body> tag.
  7. Site URL: http://www.someoneswebsite.com Hi, I'm trying to add a Spotify Follow button to my header. When I inject the iframe into my header it appears behind the header and there is a white line beneath my header. It's as if the actual header of my site is a custom thing from the page that slides over the spot where the header should be. If I scroll up and down it shows the Follow button pinned to the leftmost corner before disappearing behind the header. I've attached screenshots for clarity (the site should have an all black backgrond, not this white line there). Anyone have an idea? Could it be the template I'm using? I've tried the z-index and changing some of the iframe settings but to no avail.
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