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  1. And it seems to me that you have just solved my problem. I used Wall, but as soon as I turned it into Grid, all became aligned. Thanks!
  2. Take a look at it now. The first grid is misaligned. I would like the bottom row to be aligned no matter how long the title of an article in the top row is.
  3. I have only managed to change the first summary grid by changing the gutter width. All the grids lower down are still misaligned. It looks good on mobile, but Laptop/PC is like pictured.
  4. Site URL: https://www.oautima.hr/ Hello everyone, I have a problem with summary grids in wall configuration. In the picture attached it is visible what happenes. If a title of one post is too long, it completely misalignes the whole summary grid. Is there any way to solve that? In case the problem is not clear enough from the photo, the link is: https://www.oautima.hr/ Just scroll towards the bottom of the homepage and all will be visible. Thanks in advance.
  5. Yes. I would like for mobile ads to be in 300x250px and pc ones to be in 728x90px. The thing is that I do not have banners which change according to the screen size, but they are fixed in the size in which they are supplied to me. So I have to publish both of them and then hide small one from pc and big one from mobile. Thanks!
  6. I have made some progress. Using this code: @media only screen and (max-width: 768px) {#block-7c650aa4296c696a3798 {display: none;} } @media only screen and (min-width: 768px) {#block-7c650aa4296c696a3798 {display: none;} } I managed to hide embed boxes for desktop from mobile and vice versa. But, my question now is: Is there any code or something that could do this automatically? With this one I have to copy paste #block for every embed box from "inspect element" on chrome.
  7. Site URL: https://oautima.squarespace.com/admin-test Hello, I have a problem with embedding html5 partner ads. Some of the ads are 700px wide or more, so when the web is used on a mobile device the ads are too wide and web is not user friendly. On the other hand, when opened on pc, ads which are narrower, around 300px look to small for the screen. Is there any CSS or something else which could allow me to post both ads in my blogpost and than, according to the device on which the webpage is opened the appropriate ads are displayed. Link: https://oautima.squarespace.com/admin-test Pass: fanta123 So I would like first and the second ad to be on a PC, and third, fourth and fifth on mobile device. Thanks in advance!
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