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  1. Have everything written down, and get legal advice. Whenever you're starting out a business or any monetizable adventure, always think in a futuristic perspective. Other than what the other members mentioned like personal marketing, brand identification, or product establishment–you'll need to manage your taxes, monitor your growth, and gauge your net worth. Another important thing to remember: don't grab opportunities right away. This might sound like a negative thing to say, but listen for a minute. When you're growing, your presence will be more known to a wide variety of 'seekers'. You'll have brands reaching out to you, people trying to offer you all sorts of stuff and knocking at your door. Don't let them in... yet. Because before any partnership is formed, you need to master the art of contract negotiation. To do this, you need to know the quality of your work and your products, and you need to quantify it in its monetary equivalent. Never let anyone lowball you–unless they're a potential long-term asset.
  2. i think you need to export them to your new domain in order to maintain them 🙂
  3. have u contacted the support staff already? if not yet, you may do so through this link. 🙂
  4. When we created our About Us page, we wanted to make it minimalistic while still telling the public who we are. The one thing that was agreed upon in this is our values and story behind them because through these things, people feel like they can connect with us more personally. We want others to know what it's been like for us going through the same struggles too so that way they understand where their clothes come from at all times
  5. yup! gotta agree with waht was mentioned above. i just have to suggest using a separate panel that will house the navigation menus so it does not look awkward on top like that. i think it changes as to the size of your browser. hope this helps. regards 🙂
  6. The time for maximal designs were long gone but it does not mean that they should be forgotten. Personally, I am a pure minimalist in my designs but I would love to see how maximalists would resurge in the future. It would be pretty interesting to see them both existing at the same time.
  7. Hi there! While it is true that making review collection automated can really make your life easier, I think this should be done with a bit of a human touch. You can use a template in getting the actual details that you need for the review but to make it more convincing, I suggest that you put personalized messages before it about the purchase they did. Of course, it also depends on how many customers you have that you would be sending emails to. To provide another perspective, if I were the customer and I would receive an automated message that would ask for my review, I would be inclined to decline the request. Maybe others would also feel the same say.
  8. Generally, I'd agree with the usual aforementioned suggestions like diversifying your ad strategy, spreading out your content, SEO, and etc–but with the current trend overtaking the market, the number one tip I can suggest to every aspiring online entrepreneur out there is softwares and apps are your best friends. The pace at how much the world of e-commerce is changing is subtle, but astronomical. One quick look at job ads and you'll see what I mean–you'll see ton of job postings and ads saying something along the line "looking for [insert name of app/software] expert to join our team etc etc" this is because tech-companies and everyone within the digital realm is realizing the income potential there is to automating what an entire department (marketing / finance) does by using a piece of software, and just having one person oversee that app. Leading apps in the automation game are Zapier, customer.io, and mailchimp–to list a few. But there are a plethora of other options that you can explore that suits your needs. It's all about recreating a system that you already have (manual stuff) by using these tools to make it faster, more efficient, and best of all–automatic. So case and point: the best way to position your online store for success with the current market, is by making the business run itself. I highly suggest reading up on sales automation guides and tips like this one to fully understand the potential this technique has in ensuring a smooth flow for your business.
  9. Hi @Cabstender! I've just checked your website and it still needs quite a few development improvements both on the functional and aesthetic side of things, but good job on actually getting started! The first step is usually the hardest, and the mere fact you've done a good portion of the job shows your dedication of getting started. With the functionality side of things, I'd highly recommend hiring a web developer so that you can optimise and make the most out of your website's features. It may sound scary/expensive, but hiring a remote developer is relatively cheap! I found my long-term web developer from this site if you're interested. For the graphical aesthetic, I highly recommend purchasing a web template that could suit your needs–it saves you money and time compared to having someone or yourself redesign the entire website. Jumping back in to the main meat of the question–affiliate marketing. Whether you're using squarespace, wix, wordpress, and etc; the process of monetizing and getting your website thru affiliate marketing is relatively the same. First, you're going to need to place it on the footer part of your website which affiliates you'll be partnered with. This is essential, because if google detects you're placing in partnership links on your content without a disclaimer, they can take down your content on google searches. Next, it seems like you already have a website that regularly posts content. Looking for a program related to your niche is the next big thing on your list of things to do. A quick google search of flower/plant affiliate programs will provide you with what you need. I suggest enrolling in a multitude of programs; amidst different aspects of gardening. You can have a program for tools, one for flowers, another for pots, and etc. Then, you'll need to have a way to track all your affiliate programs. Remember, the more diversified you are, the higher the potential to earn profit, but the more difficult it can be to be on top of things. This is precisely why I use a tool called wecantrack that helps me be up-to-date with my Google analytics. It's a very useful tool that I highly recommend if you're planning on actually publishing a lot of content with different programs. I'll link a guide on how to use it to track your affiliate sales in Google analytics if you're interested. Finally, you need to shell out cash if you want to get the ball rolling. Unless you already have really good traffic on your website right now, ads, social media, and other marketing campaigns will be your way to get the word out and actually generate an ROI. tl;dr–your website needs an aesthetic and functionality upgrade, you need to ground yourself with the basics of affiliate marketing which will help you in your monetization journey.
  10. I agree with most of what you've said but I think diverse social media networks are useful for those who're starting out too! Remember, you're not the only entrepreneur out there, there will always be the small chance that someone thinks of the business name you already have. Securing the handles for all relevant platforms is key if you plan on actually branching out to socmeds in the future!
  11. I wish I knew that Pinterest was the best website for promoting my blog, and that I hadn't wasted my time on Instagram lol.
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