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  1. Thanks @creedon and @paul2009

    The website is only on a basic plan, so can't use the javascript option unfortunately.

    The transparent option is a good idea, but it doesn't seem to be working.  I can make the entire source transparent using:

    .quote-block .source {
     color: transparent !important;

    However, I've tried both

    .sqs-block-quote .source::first-letter {
     color: transparent !important;


    .quote-block .source::first-letter {
     color: transparent !important;

    but neither of them are picking up the dash. I've also tried using "first-child" instead of "first-letter", but that also didn't work.

    Any other ideas?

  2. If it helps, I've found the easiest way is to add 2 sections and hide one on desktop and one on mobile:

    /*remove section on desktop only*/
    @media screen and (min-width:780px) {
        display: none !important;
    /*remove section on mobile only*/
    @media screen and (max-width:781px) {
    section[data-section-id="xxxxx"] {
        display: none !important;


  3. I've used the following code to reduce the size of my 'Add to cart' button:

    .sqs-add-to-cart-button {
        width: 25% !important;

    However, when I click 'Add to cart', the preceding 'Adding', 'Added' and 'Added to cart' buttons are super narrow, so the text can't be read:


    Is there a way to code the button, so it only resizes the initial 'Add to cart', but not the preceding ones?

  4. The padding around the slideshow on my site is fine when I look at it in widescreen, but gets really large when I reduce the width of the browser.  Is there any code that can stop this from happening?

    Site:  https://goby-lychee-bymf.squarespace.com (password: test)




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