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  1. I've solved this by moving outside of the templates and just creating my own blocks.
  2. Site URL: https://synthesizer-oleander-nnzg.squarespace.com A preemptive thanks to the community here for helping out. I have a website I'm building. I have added a "Image Block" with a "Card" design. Problem 1: The image is a custom PNG file I created in Figma. I'd like the background to be white not light green and ideally this wouldn't be a custom CSS thing. Is it the template that I've used that is causing this? Seems like undesirable behaviour. Problem 2: When I do import the image. It takes all of the white aspects of the PNG file and turns them to the light green background color. To be clear - I HAVE NOT exported the PNGs with any transparency. I assume this is something Squarespace is doing in the background for people who don't know how to add transparency to a PNG. My goal is to have the background white and the transparent PNG display on a white background. Can someone help? URL: https://synthesizer-oleander-nnzg.squarespace.com/ Password: help
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