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  1. I have absolutely no idea how to code, but I have been messing around and this seems to have somewhat centered my content. It isn't perfect and the right side slides off a bit - so if someone can help me tweak it I would be grateful. But I am posting in case anyone else is frustrated like me and needs a patch: .newsletter-block { position: relative; width: 180% !important; } .sqs-block { position: relative; width: 180% !important; }
  2. Site URL: http://appalachianfineart.com I am going mad trying to figure out a CSS code that works to center JUST my footer in the Avenue template. I have already gone through most of this forum and tried other CSS snippets and none worked. I want the header to remain as-is, but the footer which contains my newsletter subscription box is squished to the left. I would like for it to be centered. Can anyone help??? Thanks so much!!! Jaime
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