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    Kate got a reaction from IXStudio in How do I create hide/show text on a page, like you see with FAQs?   
    We have a really easy plugin for content accordions here: https://www.squareaddons.com/shop-2/p/content-accordion

    Works beautifully with thumb tap on mobile as well
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    Kate got a reaction from bigpoppapaul in 7.1 Bailard No Gallery Blocks?   
    Hi @bigpoppapaul yes it is similar-- it will auto play and you can remove the bullet indicators as an option each time you add it.  
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    Kate got a reaction from bigpoppapaul in 7.1 Bailard No Gallery Blocks?   
    You can use this add-on to achieve gallery blocks in 7.1 https://www.squareaddons.com/shop-2/slideshow
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    Kate reacted to picvic in Customization/styling of dropdown menu (alignment, selection, transparency/colour) [7.1]   
    Thanks for this, Kate!
    It's not exactly what I'm looking for, for this particular site, but I will definitely keep it in min for future projects! 🙂
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    Kate got a reaction from Nalvarez in How to add a text only slider section   
    You could set up a slider using this add-on https://www.squareaddons.com/shop-2/gallery-slider and just add in blank color block as your images, then add in your text content blocks as usual. Note, you cannot change the text from slide to slide. Just one set of content blocks can be set up to overlay the gallery slider. 
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    Kate reacted to kindandbrave in Style 7.1 Gallery Captions   
    Site URL: https://www.bethlehemsynagogue.org/photos-archived
    Hi there everyone! Who's excited!? Squarespace made it possible to display captions on gallery pages! Woohoo!
    Wondering if anyone knows how to change the styling of gallery captions. Specifically the font and font size, but would also love to know how to change positioning, etc. Thank you in advance!
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    Kate reacted to clarkeching in Adding anchor links in 7.1   
    I just bought that ... and it worked in 7.1! Thank you ...
    It was easy too.
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    Kate got a reaction from clarkeching in Adding anchor links in 7.1   
    We have a really simple add-on for anchor linking in 7.1 -- https://www.squareaddons.com/shop-2/anchor-linking
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