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  1. Two complications where I see people get stuck: Planning their business too much (then realizing it takes too much effort to continue). Losing motivation. Having too high expectations. Losing motivation. My advice: Start small Start small with someting you love, as a complement to your current job or school. This way you will not have as high expectations, and view every small success as a win (= motivation). What I did: I'm sure other peoples have other views to this which is great, but I started small and it worked perfectly for me. I started my first company when I was 18. Only earned $200 the first year, but as I continued growing I eventually dropped out of college to run my business full time. Wish everyone good luck with their business ideas!πŸ™ŒπŸ˜Š
  2. Congrats on your 5th site @cbieri!πŸŽ‰ I think you did a good job, and with a few tweaks it'll be even better: The navigation seems a bit confusing to me. Some of the links go to pages and some scrolls down on the homepage. It would be better if they did only one of those two things. For your site, I would remove the scrolling-links. The site is very wide on my large monitor. Change the max-width of the site to something like 1300px.
  3. Nice website, and great job with your products!🌟 I don't have a lot of improvements as I think the site looks good, but have you thought about making a more personal logo? There are tools online you can use, just search for "Logo maker". I know Squarespace have a logo maker too that you could try. Regarding the table I'm not fully sure what you mean. Good luck!
  4. The website looks nice in general!πŸ‘ Here are a few improvements: The size of some elements seems to be off. I would reduce the size of the h1 and the header logo, and slightly increase the size of the normal paragraph text. Nature images looks very nice, however, they don't reflect your business very well. For example, use some images of you making websites, or images with more people in it.
  5. Love the art, looks amazing! πŸ˜€ I also think you did a good job with the website, it just needs a few tweaks: The header is too big - if you decrease the height by half, the subheader will not be a problem anymore. I like that you show the art directly on the home page. Maybe you could tell a bit more about you on the home page too, at the bottom? Good luck!
  6. Good work with your website @alexrose, I like it!😊 The basics are done right, and I don't see any big improvements for it. One thing you could do is to add some examples to the packages on your services-page. Like images on a Primary Logo, Secondary Logo, Social Media Profile Logos, Colour Palette, etc. Good luck with your project!
  7. I agree with @louieandthird and @b1234gn, the design consistency need some work. You could "calm" the design down a bit by for example using less colors and bigger margins between some elementsπŸ˜‡ That is probably why they leave your site. Also, where do you get your traffic from, is it good traffic that's within your target group?
  8. @RachaelLoerwald, you did a good job with the website! The basics are done right, and it looks great😊 I especially like the logo-animation. Too bad it is looping as I think it would be a bit cleaner if it did just animate in. Good luck and nice work!
  9. Good job @designer-rich! I got a good first impression with the clear message you sent in the hero-image (start image)😊 Here are two improvements: Make the texts a bit smaller to improve readability. On my 13-inch MacBook the text and headings are too big. A good design improvement for the homepage: Instead of having a blue background behind the headings and white behind the paragraphs, use the blue background for both of them. Then use white background for both the second heading and second paragraph. Doing this way, the sections will be better grouped together. And look better. Good luck!
  10. Here are a few improvements: Add summaries of the reviews on the homepage, so they will be found easier. "AD-FREE NO PREMIUMS NO TRACKING JUST TECH REVIEWS". Maybe you could highlight JUST TECH REVIEWS, with a different color, so it will be more clear what it is all about. In the footer: "© 2069" - why not "© 2021"? Nice project @harpoon00001, and good luck! I hope that this was helpful😊
  11. @Sarah_SQSP Do you have any info on this? 😊 Seems to be an important issue for many people.
  12. @ArunNairArt Great work with your artworks, I like them! Two things you can improve with the website: Add some short text in the start that explains what the website is about. I had slow connection so all I saw the first 10 seconds was the loading screen. Good luck!
  13. Nice website @BrowerCreative! 😊 Here are my 3 thoughts: Why do you have two different logos? I like the first one best (with the video background). I don't think the first page is necessary. Would be nice if you had the first page-design, but didn't have to click another time to see the navigation and scroll. I like the design in general!
  14. Amazing job, @ArminB! 🌟 Apart from the nice looking website, I like the marketing side of it a lot. Like "Access Leading Experts" and "Leaders Lodge" both sound premium. Also, you show The Leaders early on. Good luck with the project!
  15. Experiencing the same as described, with very low mobile scores on PageSpeed/Lighthouse (typically around 30/100). Following this. Do anyone know if Squarespace have answered this issue anywhere?
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