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  1. Site URL: https://silver-hyperboloid-kt5p.squarespace.com/config/commerce Hi - I'm working with a fulfillment center that is asking me to set up harmonized shipping codes for each variant for international shipping. I'm not sure where I would input this. Has anyone come across this? "Please attach to each variant with harmonized code for shipping internationally. They have to be linked in items and are international codes for tariff changing customers. For all upper body Shirts- Harmonized code 610910 For bags, harmonized code is 420229."
  2. @rwp Are you able to help me change the logo color of my site to black when on white pages (product/checkout)? https://silver-hyperboloid-kt5p.squarespace.com/config/ pw: Squarespacelogin123
  3. @creedon quick bump here. Can you try with pw: Squarespacelogin123
  4. @creedon weird, looks like it's not remembering the updated password. Can you try this? PW: Squarespacelogin123
  5. Oh apologies! https://silver-hyperboloid-kt5p.squarespace.com/config/settings Password: SiteTest123
  6. @rwp Are you able to solve this for me? I have the white logo on the site, but would like it to be black when on checkout pages that have a white background. https://silver-hyperboloid-kt5p.squarespace.com/config/
  7. Oh, that was the issue! Had Express Checkout turned on. Feel like a dummy. Thanks so much! Solved!
  8. Is there a way to have a button on products that adds them to the cart without navigating to the cart page? I have shoppers that want to add items as they scroll the site before finally going to checkout.
  9. Hey! I'm hoping to add different sku images for different variants. So I have one shirt in 3 sizes. I'd like use an image of each size for my fulfillment center. When I add them to different variants though, it shows that image publicly on the product image. Is there a way to have a photo for each sku that doesn't show up publicly but can be referenced for shipping/fulfillment?
  10. I do have another issue I'm running into. On the product details page - I am unable to turn on the hover zoom feature. I've selected the paintbrush in the top right, gone to products, selected "hover action:zoom" but doesn't zoom in on the image when I hover. I've also tried the click action zoom and that rarely works as well. Any solves here? https://silver-hyperboloid-kt5p.squarespace.com/config/settings/advanced
  11. Boom, that solved it! Thanks so much!
  12. Ooops, sorry about that. PW: Testsite123
  13. Yes! Does this work? https://silver-hyperboloid-kt5p.squarespace.com/config/ https://silver-hyperboloid-kt5p.squarespace.com/store-1-1
  14. Hi - I'm trying to do what the first person asked - centering a single product. The CSS you provided does center the object but it makes it extremely small. Any other solves?
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