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  1. Hey @tuanphan This sort of works thanks. You still see it for a fraction of second after you click the play button... but it's better then what is was! Also overall effect of this code is that pause button is now permanently removed. So the user needs to guess they need to click to pause video. Is there any other solution for this? Feels like it must be a really common problem. thanks
  2. Legend thanks so much. You will see I have this animation wiggle on buttons, this unfortunately is applied universally. Is there CSS I can use to disable on "More: button? Thanks Again
  3. Hey @Lesum Thanks for the reply. Disable hover works perfectly thanks! However button scaling doesn't work. If I adjust max width it just makes the button shorter. But it still scales... Any other ideas?
  4. Hi All How can you disable hover effect on buttons? At the present it fills in black and looks terrible. I would like it to do nothing. The cursor change to a hand is enough. Secondly is there a way to set a maximum size for buttons? Again currently if I scale browser on a large screen the buttons end up huge! Any help greatly appreciated site: www.studioyoung.com
  5. @tuanphan I ended up removing from all pages except Contact. You will see after after active hover line animates back in white. Which is frustrating. Any ideas? Thanks
  6. Hi All thanks for suggestions. @tuanphan using this code but it just changes background colour from black to my light grey. So the bar is still there, however I prefer this to the black that was appearing. I think... @LoftyDevscode doesn't seem to have any effect? Bar still remains when scrolling desktop in Chrome. @karan thanks for feedback. I would love to stop this problem from happening if possible so appreciate any further suggestions. Cheers
  7. Hi All Wonder if anyone can help me with this annoying glitch. When scrolling on desktop, if you scroll up you see this back background / bar appear and disappear. Is there anyway to stop this from happening so content at top of page remains fixed in position? See image attached and site: https://studioyoung.com/contact Many thanks in advance
  8. Yeh sure https://studioyoung.com/projects
  9. Hey thanks Tuanphan, it does work but when line animates back it turns white again. How do I fix? Thanks Again
  10. Hi all This is is driving me crazy so would appreciate help. When viewing my site on desktop: I click to play a video and the video starts playing. If I move my mouse at all after this initial click to play, the pause button immediately appears! Which is annoying as it get's in the way of the playing video. Is there a way to disable this feature? Any help greatly appreciated.
  11. Update Ok so I figured out this can be achieved through adding description to video... Never thought of looking here! Cheers
  12. As you can see in my "about' page navigation, when rolling over items in header they underline in white. This is fine on pages that have a dark/back ground but doesn't work on this page. Can anyone help me turn this to black on this page only? Line animation is via spark plugin. https://studioyoung.com/about Cheers
  13. Hey man, that works pretty great thanks! One slight issue is that my video description is set over two lines and the fist line is set to bold. Because it has a 'bold' style applied it doesn't seem to scale. If you remove style it all scales perfectly.... ant thoughts?
  14. Hi All Need some help adjusting the font size of the Video Description and reducing the spacing between the Video and Video Description itself. I have specified the Description font size in CSS, however I would like it to adjust in size when browser is scaled and for mobile. Currently it just stays the same size. CSS used: /* caption font size on videos */ .video-caption * { font-size:16pt !important; padding-top: 0px !important; } Page in question: Page: https://studioyoung.com/test I'm also having trouble reducing the spacing/padding between description and video any more then it currently is. Appreciate the help.
  15. Hi All Struggling with something I thought would be simple, but is proving anything but... I'm trying to create a page of videos, each video has a project title placed underneath it. I need a way to define a fixed margin between the video and its corresponding title. So that when a user scales browser, the margin between the two remains fixed/locked. If you view : https://studioyoung.com/test and scale browser, you will see how project title moves all over the place. The plan is to have say 6-8 videos on this page, so I'm looking for a solution that can be applied to each individual video and corresponding title. Hope that makes sense. Appreciate any help!
  16. Perfect thanks
  17. Hi All Can someone help me with changing the font on standard Lockscreen. (See image attached). Need to change it to Helvetica Neue. Many thanks in advance.
  18. Thinking out loud, how can I also adjust height of mobile video player if needed? For instance, I might want to make the current one bigger?
  19. Ziggy that works with a little tweaking. Thank you so much. As a sub question to this: Can I get my video content now to fill its player container in mobile view? thanks again
  20. Hey Ziggy How can I get it to link to a different asset though. I have 1 videos created in 2 different formats. So with that code at present, it just calls up the video asset I created for Desktop. Does that make sense?
  21. Hi all Stuck on what I thought would be something simple to implement... Any help would be greatly appreciated. I want to include a showreel video on my site. This needs to exist in two formats, so it looks good for both Desktop and Mobile views. I've created two separate video files: — 16x9 For Deskstop — 4x5 Mobile How can I code via CSS to switch the assets for corresponding device? website: www.studioyoung.co.uk video block in question #block-yui_3_17_2_1_1714860073696_44912 image reference attached. Many thanks for help in advance as this is driving me insane!
  22. Hey Ziggy Legend, think this has fixed it! Thanks again
  23. I think you are right. How can I add small margin? Thanks Ziggy Dave
  24. All sorted. Many thanks for the lesson! Best Dave
  25. Hey thanks for reply. I need that to ensure the padding is correct at the top of each section. This ensures sticky function works for each section correctly. Also I did try removing but I'm afraid it didn't. If you scale browser line will appear. Any other ideas? Thanks
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