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  1. Site URL: https://oboe-flute-k5m3.squarespace.com Hi, Would love some help with changing the colours of the left and right arrows on my simple gallery. Ideally so they appear on hover only, if this is possible. Before: #F2F0E8 Hover: #CCC7B7 URL: https://oboe-flute-k5m3.squarespace.com/seasonal-recipes/sydney-street PW: BASIL Any help or information would be very much appreciated! Thanks, Claudia 🙂
  2. Hi, Would love some help with changing this red box and text that comes up when there is an error with a form field. (in this image, where it says 'date of birth', the '*' and the red box around those fields. I have managed to change the message on top to that brown colour, but not with the red. Thank you!
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