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  1. We have a section on our site that we are building that is like a "Places to Fish" section. Similar to the Where to Fish section of https://fillmore-demo.squarespace.com/ We thought about using a Blog and each blog post would be one of the Places to Fish. The problem would be that the most recent post would at the top of the list when viewing the Places to Fish page. We thought about copying the Where to Fish section of Fillmore template, but then again, its alphabetical order. We would like them to either arrange randomly when the page is viewed, or maybe even adding a Rating, where people could rank each place and the most popular place would be near the top of the page. We are still in our Trial phase, trying to iron this out. Since its a core piece our site design/plan we are trying to figure out if we can do it, or if we need to go Wordpress or some other more custom solution.
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