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  1. This is what it is doing ! I don't know if it can help, but the "random" menu could be non existant if it makes things much more easier, so it't split in half ! 2 menus left, 2 menus right !
  2. Okay, done, but still not working. Looks like it makes my last two menu disapear ... I'm not familiar with this kind of code so I don't knwo how to correct it !
  3. Hi ! No problem but I think code injection is only available for business or commercial plan. As I said, I'm on personal plan ... hopefully there is a solution too !
  4. Exactly, menu - logo- menu ! I'm on personal plan ! Thanks !
  5. Site URL: https://www.erwanlier.com/ Hi, Is there a way, witthout changing the template to change my navigation menu so my logo/name is at the middle and not above ? www.erwanlier.com Thank you !!
  6. Thanks for your help but I don't have the business plan ...
  7. Strange, the image is still there ... I had to adjust the "-2vh", and I tried top and bottom but there is still the problem, If I want it to be really close to the bottom, when I switch to mobile, it's cropped.
  8. Thanks, it almost work like I would like. The thing is, depending of the size of the screen (4k or mobile), it is not position welled on 1080 it's okay : on mobile not really :
  9. I don't know what I'm doing wrong but it does not work ...
  10. Worked absolutely fantastic !!! Thanks
  11. Done. I have tried, but the image always disappear, like if it was behing the image background ...
  12. Hi ! I would like to create a similar website to this one https://www.toastagency.com/en. Extract of my most recent work on the front page, a page dedicated to all my work ... Don't care about the two languages. What template would let me achieve this ? https://www.watchsome.it/ (love the toggle show best/show all, is this even possible with the cheapest plan ?) Thank you !
  13. Hi ! I have an image of a scroll wheel that I would like to put at the bottom of the section : (erwanlier.com) I have tried to set this image to "position absolute" with "bottom : 0", but it makes it disappear. Any help ? Thank you !
  14. Site URL: https://www.erwanlier.com/works Hi ! Is there a way to show like 3 to 4 elements of my portfolio (https://www.erwanlier.com/works) into the home page ? Thanks
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