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  1. Hello, is there a general CSS close that can be used to move up the caption displayed below an image block so it’s closer to the image itself? It is ok on the computer but on a mobile device the gap is a bit too big.
  2. It’s the page called ‘projects’ - they are set to square but I’d like the option for them to be more landscape format on a phone if it’s possible?
  3. Damn, sorry, all fixed it should work now. Thank you for looking
  4. Hello, I was wondering if its possible to keep a 3:2 image ratio on computer screens but for mobile phones and iPad/tablet use CSS to force a square gallery? Thank you
  5. Hello, I have a simple grid gallery I am trying to apply this to but I cannot make it work, any tips??
  6. Brilliant thank you!!! - the code worked really well for the gallery padding top and bottom. Is there a way to customise the gaps at the sides? Inset isn't really narrow enough. I tried adding width: 50% !important; to the code which works initially but then adds a random big white space at the bottom between the gallery and footer and also makes it look very small on mobile device. I managed to reduce the padding top and bottom of my slideshows by modifying a code found earlier on this thread, winning! The site spacing is really handy but it is already at the maximum page
  7. I've made a copy of my actual site as I was concerned I would mess it up playing around editing code. Will I be able to move my subscription over to this new site which is currently showing as a trial? So on the site if you go to the 'projects' page, the gallery has too much padding top and bottom. And then if you click on a project, for example the first one - barn, you will see that the slideshow has a similar issue with lots of space above and below. And then lastly, it is possible to bring the header and footer in even further from the edges? I've got the maximum at the mome
  8. Can anyone help me with a similar issue, I've tried various items in the above and none have worked. So the Custom CSS code below input into the 'design' section worked for most sections in that I can reduce the height, but unfortunately where I have a simple slideshow on my pages, reducing the height just seems to reduce the height of the slideshow itself rather than the padding top and bottom. There is just so much padding its making my site look a bit silly. [data-section-id="5e8f4059a780b645bb8468ac"] { min-height: 10vh !important; } [data-section-id="5e8f4059a78
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