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  1. The platform only allows for one button in the global header , so I'm looking for a custom CSS solution to add a second button that links to a different page
  2. Hi there I have a Business Plan so I am able to have a custom coded solution if you can help !
  3. Site URL: https://ray-shallot-gz3z.squarespace.com/fellows https://ray-shallot-gz3z.squarespace.com/fellows I'd like to display all of our staff pics here on this page, but the gallery widget is far too wide. I'd like to their names (captions) be centered below their photo - can anyone assist with a solution?
  4. Site URL: https://ray-shallot-gz3z.squarespace.com/ Hi there - Im looking to have two buttons next to each other (right bound) on my site's global header. https://ray-shallot-gz3z.squarespace.com/ One that says apply one that says donate ... can someone help with css ? Where should I paste the code for changes to the header?
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