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  1. this appears to update the padding but not the radius. I'm on 7.1
  2. This is great! It worked perfectly. Thanks so much!
  3. Site URL: https://www.originalworksofartinc.org/registration I'm just trying to create secondary button colors and styling on these pages. I understand that I can create different colors for different sections but within a section I might want the CTA to stand out from other buttons. For example, on this page (https://www.originalworksofartinc.org/registration) I want the "Learn About the Program" to be the main CTA but the "Learn about the Instructor" to be a secondary option that's an outline button or just a different color. Similarly, I'd like to do the same with the "Apply for..." buttons below. I keep trying CSS that it says has errors but it never specifies where so I can't be clear on what to fix. SOMEONE has to have figured this out. Thanks in advance.
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