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  1. Love
    ArunNairArt reacted to Spark_plugin in Feedback - Art Store   
    @ArunNairArt Great work with your artworks, I like them! 
    Two things you can improve with the website:
    Add some short text in the start that explains what the website is about. I had slow connection so all I saw the first 10 seconds was the loading screen. Good luck!
  2. Love
    ArunNairArt reacted to Ecold in Feedback - Art Store   
    I like the navigation on your website.
    1. I definitely agree with adding short text on your first page as it's not clear who you are, why you draw, etc. It's hard to connect to you and make us want to buy your artwork (even though I am v. much enjoying it).
    2. On the 'Prints' page, I would definitely appreciate to know the sizing at first glance rather than having to click into the print. 
    3. If you can, it might be worth adding more commission work examples. 
    4. Lastly, I'm not a massive fan of the loading logo. I really like it as the opening scene to your website and I love the concept, but as it happens on every click, it can be a bit tedious after a while. 
    Good luck and best wishes selling your artwork. 

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