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  1. Hi thanks for your answer. I'm surprised there's no off the shelf products that perform this function. There are so many massage therapists and other types of therapists that do home visits and so much of their time could be saved by software arranging their routes. I'm sure it wouldn't be that complicated to create, maybe there's a new product opportunity for someone here. Is there any links that you could share that I could read to begin educating myself in how to make a patchwork solution as far as possible so that as much planning gets taken off my hands? I don't have programming exp
  2. Hello, I run a business where it is possible to visit clients in their homes. I'm trying to figure out how to automate as much as possible the booking and management of this. The constant email back and forth with clients is tiring and also there is no commitment on their part so they just don't get back to me sometimes. My idea is to sell the service with a deposit so that the client is committed and also calculate a variable travel fee. The fee needs to be variable of course due to different travel times to different locations. Is there a way for me to display a text box on t
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