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  1. I totally agree that we need a better system then this. My client sells recorded art classes, and I am hesitant to go completely with vimeo OTT, as it would be easier to keep everything in house Squarespace. It would be great to have hosting, but at the very least, have a custom link automation for digital product purchases. Sorry I can't be of much help, but I want to boost this topic!
  2. Thank you! That worked. I changed 50vh to 100vh and fixed my issue.
  3. Did you have any luck fixing this? They still haven't changed it.
  4. responsible-travel-consulting.squarespace.com Thank you.
  5. Hi all, I have been trying to make slideshow full height on this new site, as I have done with other sites, but when I click S / M / L the height does not change. It does not work with the custom slider either. I have contacted Squarespace twice about this and they said its site wide bug and they are working on it, however its been a few weeks and I need this slideshow to be taller now. Is there any custom code I can put in to change the height? Thanks
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