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  1. Site URL: https://www.jonnehansson.com/ I wonder if it's possible to remove "Back to..." and "Prev/Next" in pages within the Index page? Thank you for the help in advance🙂 Very best Jonne jonnehansson.com
  2. It worked very well using Spacer Blocks to reduce the text horizontally. Thank you tuanphan😀 https://www.jonnehansson.com/#/heavy-thoughts/ / Jonne
  3. Site URL: https://www.jonnehansson.com/ Hi, I have lately realized that the lines are very long to read. Before, I made line breaks by pressing Shift+Enter, and I think that is not the correct way to do, because the line breaks look weird on mobile. Is there a way to adjust the width of each text block or the entire page? I want to reduce the text block width on every "Selected works" sub-page, but, still want to keep the site width at 950 px. Thank you:) Jonne
  4. Site URL: https://www.jonnehansson.com/ Hi! I'm almost 100% satisfied with my website, but, would like to have a hover color over my "prev / next" text in the index pages. Same hover color as my other links - site title, navigation and body text (hsl(114, 69%, 47%). I can't find any option in the style editor to solve this. Is there a possibility of applying a hover color by using CSS? Thank you! /Jonne
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